DJ Muldoon partners with Bellus barbering program

What’s DJ’s Fav?

Adult drink: Rum+Coke
Ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream
Band: Queen
Social Media platform: Instagram
Place to visit: Barbados

Bellus Academy recently teamed up with world-renowned hairdresser DJ Muldoon. DJ, owner of San Diego’s trendy salon theFactory, to develop the online video portion to our new barbering program launching March 17. Program leader Manny San Martin has been creating haircuts and videos with DJ for the past couple of months.

Q & A with DJ Muldoon

Q. You’ve won multiple awards, studied under Vidal Sassoon and now run a successful salon. What’s the secret to your success?

A. Knowledge has given me confidence. Vidal said it takes 10 years to master you craft and I think he’s right. Success doesn’t come overnight. It’s important to be patient, learn as much as you can and use your knowledge to empower people.

Q. You’re now working to develop some of the curriculum for our new barbering program. What attracted you to working with Bellus Academy?

A. They’re all about education—not a product. I’ve personally taught a lot of the educators, so I have that relationship with them. I also know the owner Lynelle is heavily involved in the charitable side of the industry, and that impresses me. I mostly wanted to work with them because my number one commitment is fundamental education and Bellus has a high level of integrity.

Q. You’ve mentioned you’ve seen an increase in male clients at your salon, theFactory. How have you seen men’s grooming transform over the course of your career?

A. It’s much more universal now. With social media, we’re exposed to so much more. We see everything. We’re seeing a generation of men who are into trendy cuts and shaving, as well as other services. There’s no longer just one genre of men. It’s important for hairdressers, more so now, to be well rounded.

Q. I know it’s still in the early stages, but can give us any insight into what your hopes are in partnering with Bellus Academy and the barbering program?

A. Manny and I had been around the world doing hair. He’s an exceptional haircutter. We thought it would be cool to collaborate. About a month or two ago we jumped in the studio and started to come up with about nine to 12 different male looks. I’m currently editing the videos for those looks.

Q. Do you think a lot of licensed cosmetologists will benefit from this program Bellus Academy is launching?

A. This program is perfect for someone who is already working in the field. There is a skill set needed to serve male clients. This is such a great opportunity to build knowledge and confidence. Men are spending lots of money today on their hair. This program is a win-win. You’ll come out better than when you went in.

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