At Bellus Academy, we’re committed to providing a pathway to excellence in the esthetics industry. Achieving a CIDESCO Diploma signifies a pinnacle of expertise and dedication. Here’s how you can embark on this prestigious journey:

Overview of the CIDESCO Certification Process:

The CIDESCO process involves a project with case histories, a written exam, and a practical exam.

  • Completion of Required Hours: Students must fulfill 730 hours of training at a CIDESCO-accredited school, such as Bellus Academy.
  • Eligibility: Graduates of Bellus Academy’s ESTI 103 program are eligible to take the CIDESCO Exam.
  • Project with Case Histories: Students undertake a comprehensive project involving case histories, which can be initiated during their time at Bellus Academy or post-graduation. To complete the project with case histories, students must choose the same skin concern for all three models, such as acne or anti-aging.
  • Three-Phase Treatment Protocol: Each student selects a specific skin concern for three models. Models receive a minimum of three treatments each, incorporating chemical treatments, beauty devices, or a combination thereof. Detailed documentation through before-and-after photos is essential.

CIDESCO Examination Timelines:

CIDESCO exams are offered twice a year, with deadlines for case studies in the summer and winter.

  • Summer Session:
    • Case Study Deadline: June 31st
    • Grading: July
    • Written Exam: September
    • Practical Exam: October-November
  • Winter Session:
    • Case Study Deadline: December 31st
    • Grading: January
    • Written Exam: February
    • Practical Exam: March-April

CIDESCO Diploma Perks:

  • Industry Recognition: A CIDESCO diploma is highly esteemed within the esthetics sector and is acknowledged by employers globally.
  • No Expiry: CIDESCO diplomas do not have an expiration date, ensuring the longevity of your certification.
  • Exam Fee: The CIDESCO exam fee is 250 Swiss Francs (approximately $250-270 USD), subject to change.

Optional CIDESCO Exam at Bellus Academy:

  • While Bellus Academy facilitates CIDESCO exams, participation remains optional. However, seizing this opportunity can significantly elevate your professional standing and open doors to esteemed career prospects.

Embark on your journey to CIDESCO certification with Bellus Academy, where excellence meets opportunity. Unlock your potential and shape a thriving career in the dynamic world of esthetics.

For more information on CIDESCO certification, please email us at:

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