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Bellus Academy’s Diego and Bryden of Bellus Education Creative, also known as BE/Creative, talk about this amazing program available. Take a look at what you will learn and the benefits of being a part of BE/Creative!

Bellus Education Creative

Bellus Education Creative, also known as BE/Creative, started as a way of having students take their technical skills to another level. A huge focus is placed on teaching them creative inspiration based design that is marketable when they leave school, continuing the efforts Bellus Academy gives for a holistic education. It equips them with real life skills they will use on a completely different level.

The Course

Each week of the course is broken into four categories: cutting, color, styling, and collection week. Each day in each week is set up strategically to challenge each person a little more each day. Collection week culminates with a photo shoot at the end, and students leave with a portfolio that is 100% their own work. Bryden enjoys this aspect of the program wherein there is so much growth in every individual by the end.

The program is available to any student who has finished the Inspiration stage of the program, after about 1000 hundred hours logged. Those enrolled in the intensive one month program are certainly set apart from the rest. The program forces them to go into detail in an intimate setting to train and hone their skills. The goal of the program includes getting on the floor for salon experience before they head into the real world.


One of the benefits of the BE/Creative program is that it gets students working in editorial work, photography, creative work, and they can delve into other fields within the industry. Diego and Bryden say that the students are revisiting what they already know, expanding on it, and diving furhter into the creative process of design. Every person that comes into program leaves much better than when they started and they take away a higher confidence level.

Who Should be in BE/Creative

For anyone with a passion for the industry and craft, this is geared towards you. BE/Creative really goes into the artistry of the craft and gives the abilities and skill sets to be able to conceptualize and materialize personal inspirations. The program is a powerful tool to have under your belt.

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