Funny esthetician quotes and sayings

September 1, 2023

As Overheard in the Esthetics Suite

Professionals in every industry sector have their “insider” language including quotes and sayings relevant to the job. The esthetics or skincare sector is no exception. Whether wielding the wax wand, priming the pores or exfoliating extremities, estheticians serve their clientele with stamina, style and more than a few funny esthetician quotes and sayings.

 It’s ironic that the estheticians many of us visit to soften and smooth our little lines, are also experts at delivering lines – specifically one liner’s. Quipping about skin and all of the little nuances associated with esthetics just seems to be an innate talent for those working in the skincare space.

Below, we share some of our favorite esthetician quotes and sayings. And we provide some context for what these funny esthetician quotes and sayings mean.

Funny Esthetician Quotes:

1. I wax poetic, one hair at a time.

We’ll credit this funny esthetician quotes to our favorite hair banisher “Hairiette.” Beyond caring for the skin, estheticians often perform waxing services. This funny esthetician quote offers a humorous perspective on the care and diligence that estheticians apply when waxing their clients.

2. Inflicting the bad on bad hair days.

Bad hair days – we’ve all had them. It’s the esthetician who gets to tweeze, pluck and wax misbehaving hairs into submission.

3. I make people so smooth they start sliding through life.

Rough patches, acnes, scaly areas . . . any number of foibles can wreak havoc on skin’s texture and overall smoothness. Who hasn’t had the glide of an eyeliner interrupted by a disruptive speedbump on an eyelid? Estheticians are the key to a smooth canvas when it comes to leaving clients’ skin feeling soft and smooth after a visit to the spa or salon. This quip illuminates estheticians’ ability to smooth over the rough spots – quite literally.

4. My job is all about making “pore” decisions for my client.

Many of the services that estheticians provide aim to make pores less noticeable. Clients rely on estheticians to select the pour treatment – such as an extraction or a treatment – that will help soothe their skin and make their pores less obvious

5. Dr. Pimple Popper has nothing on me.

While we might not readily admit it, most of us are guilty of watching at least av few YouTube videos where the dermatologist known as Dr. Pimple Popper puts her skills to the touch. As trained and licensed professionals, esthetics are educated on how to safely and efficiently clear clogged pores and impactions. 

6. I scream. You scream. We all scream for sunscreen.

When it comes to caring for skincare, there are a million rules and many of these may be broken. But while estheticians may differ on treatments like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and injected therapies, one golden rule unites them all: Sunscreen rules supreme. Advising clients about the danger of sun exposure and suggesting sunscreens with an appropriate sun protection factor (SPF) is a golden rule followed by estheticians regarding of specialty or practice setting.

7. It’s not an expense, it’s a skin-vestment.

Skin is the largest organ on the human body, protecting all that’s inside us. As such, this protective barrier demands the care and attention of professionals who can keep skin looking its best. Hair can go under a hat and nails can be shoved into pockets. But skin is always front and center. Similarly, skin knows no barriers. From protecting the scalp to the soles of our feet, skin is the substrate that connects clients to the world around them.

8. I like my skincare routine to be like the people in my life – non-toxic.

As interest in sustainable products continues to grow, the professional skincare industry is seeking a surge in natural, organic and vegan skin care products. This quote reflects the desire for “pure” products that don’t present toxicity to the world around us. Viewed in that lens, it’s also reflets the human desire to connect with people who lift us up as opposed to polluting our world with negativity.

9.  I’ve perfected the art of pamper-culture.

Is anything as indulgent or pampering as a massage and facial? Estheticians work to help their clients reduce stress and capture their inner calm. A pampering treatment might include a facial, massage, or myriad of services that restore a person’s outer glow and inner sense of calm.

10. My tools are lotions and potions to soothe the emotions.

Whether it’s the quick pick-me-up of a face mask or the deeply penetrating benefits of a multi-step facial, estheticians make use of a suite of products designed to solve for skin conditions such as rosacea. While these products soothe the client’s skin, they also deliver an undocumented but important side effect – brightening a client’s day and adding a rosy glow to their emotional outlook.

11. I’m the skincare whisperer and your skin is my muse:

It really does all come down to communication. Estheticians are astute listeners and their language is skincare. Estheticians look at a client’s skin and listen to feedback from clients to prescribe and apply treatments to address myriad issues.

12. Like a filter, only better.

We’ve all played with those social media filters that smooth the skin, amplify the eye color and put a mist of perfection on our features. Estheticians create smooth, healthy-looking skin that projects an aura of authenticity that just can’t be duplicated with a filter. Whether it’s air-brushed makeup or the natural glow from an exfoliating treatment, estheticians help us keep our glow going.

13. You can’t just get up and glow now.

Some mornings we all need a little extra help looking our best. Whether it’s bas under the eyes from too much fun the night before or the tired look that comes from a sleepless night studying or caring for a new baby, estheticians know the tips and tricks that can restore their clients’ glow.

14. I let others make the rash decisions.

While estheticians are experts on helping skincare look its best, some conditions may require medical treatment. Rashes are a good example. Estheticians are trained to refer clients needing medical interventions to dermatologists or physicians.

15. I’m not fixing your wrinkles. I’m dealing with your wise cracks.

This quip respects the wisdom that often comes with age. Viewed through this lens, an esthetician is not applying therapies to address wrinkled skin, but reducing the appearance of cracks Z(and other issues) borne of wiscom.

16. Others say put away the mask. I say, bring it on!

Face masks are a tool that estheticians my use to target specific skin care concerns. Masks can help hydrate the skin, remove excessive oils and help improve the appearance of pores while providing a sensation of deep relaxation and calm.

17. Why get waxed? Life is too short for unnecessary friction?

Want to feel lighter, smother and more aerodynamic? A trip to the waxing salon might be in order. Estheticians wax away their client’s hair leaving a smooth surface that is more than skin deep.

18. Facials are the new workouts.

Want to feel tightened and toned without the sweat? Estheticians working in salons and day spas use treatments, modalities and techniques to restore skin’s glow – no sweating required.

19. Skincare is like therapy for your face. And let’s face it, your face has issues.

Estheticians are responsible for treating all kinds of skincare issues, ranging from crepey eyelids to sagging jawlines. As  skincare “therapists” estheticians analyze their clients’ skin and prescribe treatments to deal with the issue.

20. Getting a facial is like an issue of “Fixer Upper” for your skin.

Estheticians are trained in cleaning up the rough spots, assessing the damage and creating a plan to “fix up” their clients’ skin and restore a fresh, confident glow.

We hope these quips brightened your day. Now let’s talk about giving your career a lift. A career as an esthetician can open doors to work that celebrates caregiving, mindfulness and entrepreneurial passions. And as the quotes and sayings reflect, estheticians also have a sense of humor – which makes sense given that the career is all about lifting up clients – and their skin!

Like many professional positions, education is the first step toward a career in professional skincare. Select a school that has a respected team of educators, is active in skin care organizations and provides students the opportunity to practice their craft in a student salon equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Bellus Academy, a beauty and wellness academy with campuses in Southern California and Manhattan, Kansas, retains globally renowned spa experts to develop and lead its programs. From hydra-facials to microdermabrasion, Bellus Academy students are trained on emerging modalities, therapies and treatments – and study under the tutelage of esteemed leaders in skincare. Learn more about esthetic careers by contacting Bellus Academy and speaking with a friendly career advisor.

And check out Beauty Changes Lives, a non-profit that provides tuition scholarships sponsored by some of the most elite brands, and mentoring experiences for those seeking a career in the professional beauty industry. While on the site, you can check out profiles of winners who have changed their life through a career in beauty and wellness.

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