How to Learn the Business Side of Cosmetology

The beauty industry continues to rise in popularity. As beauty influencers provide tutorials, reviews, and tips and tricks across social media, more people are getting interested in this exciting industry, and for good reason. Between doing professional or special effects makeup, giving clients a fresh and one-of-a-kind hairstyle, and turning your love for skin care into a career, cosmetology has a lot to offer. But to succeed, students must learn the business side of things, too.

At Bellus Academy, with campuses in Poway, El Cajon, and Chula Vista, CA, as well as Manhattan, KS, we offer programs in cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, spa nails, and more. But our students learn about more than just basic beauty service techniques. We also help you understand the important aspects of running a successful beauty business.

What Is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study and application of makeup, skin care, hair styling, nail care, and other beauty treatments. It is a rewarding career because cosmetologists can work on their skills and explore exciting new techniques all while helping clients look and feel their best. Cosmetology is a particularly flexible career field because it offers a variety of professional opportunities that can fit into your lifestyle.

Commission-based positions enable you to get started working in a salon-style atmosphere. This helps you build your reputation and your clientele while providing a workspace, products, and the equipment you need to succeed. Another option is to rent a chair in a salon, which is great for established professionals because they can create their own schedules and pricing based on their skills. Lastly, mobile cosmetologists provide even more flexibility as they make in-home or on-site visits to do their work. These jobs may include doing makeup for a bride, working with homebound clientele, and more.

How Does Business Fit into Cosmetology?

No matter which area of cosmetology you are looking into, understanding the business aspects of the industry is important. Whether you want to hone your skills and build your name or plan to run your own salon or business one day, you’ll need to study more than just cutting and styling techniques and which products are best for which applications. Here are some of the ways you’ll use business acumen in the industry:

  • Hire and train staff members
  • Interact with clientele and handle complaints
  • Book appointments and schedule staff to handle them 
  • Create budgets and payroll plans
  • Make purchase orders and manage inventory
  • Handle marketing and advertising
  • Maintain daily operations

In many cases, you’ll also be tasked with styling clients, helping clean your space, and managing phones and walk-ins.

What Cosmetology Business Careers Are There?

Using business knowledge in the beauty industry can be exciting and rewarding. While many dream of running their own salon or mobile business, there are other interesting ways you can use business skills in this field.

Retail stores generally look for those with business knowledge to work as managers. From budgeting to training to taking on customer relations roles, retail store managers wear a lot of hats. If you find your passion for products is what drives you, the beauty industry offers a wide range of sales positions. For instance, you may consider becoming a beauty sales executive, but keep in mind these professionals may need a business degree.

What You’ll Learn About Cosmetology Business From Bellus Academy

At Bellus Academy, our goal is to prepare you for the working world. Whether that means working at your favorite salon or running your own mobile cosmetology business, we help ensure each graduate has the tools they need to thrive.

Our 1,000-hour Foundation Cosmetology program helps you learn online marketing techniques as well as retailing. You’ll explore concepts of financial management to understand the economic aspects of the business and how to retain clients and build your brand.

Our 1,500-hour Advanced Cosmetology program provides the additional skills and services you’ll need if business is in your future. Each of these programs provides a genuine salon experience as you build technical and communication skills in our busy student salon.

Make Bellus Academy Your Choice for Cosmetology School

Whether you’re interested in honing your skills in barbering, esthetics, nail technology, or the cosmetology business as a whole, Bellus Academy is here to help. We have award-winning licensed instructors who teach you the most exciting techniques with various types of equipment We have campuses in Poway, El Cajon, and Chula Vista, CA, as well as Manhattan, KS. For coursework involving online learning components, students receive iPads to access the student portal.

We offer financial aid options for qualified students so they can pursue their dreams. You’ll receive a student equipment kit to help you get started. Instructors and student services can help you build a professional portfolio/resume and will assist you in your job search after graduation. Students who qualify may also have the opportunity to join national competitions and showcase their skills. Apply now if you’re ready to take the first step on your journey into the beauty industry.

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