What’s your makeup bag personality?

November 6, 2014

What’s your makeup bag personality?

By Leilani Angel

You can’t leave home without it. You’d rather purchase a bigger one than downsize. You might even have an emergency one in your locker or your glove compartment. That’s right beauty enthusiasts, it’s our makeup bag! No matter if it’s in your backpack, your designer handbag or if it’s in your briefcase, the products in your makeup bag can reveal personality traits about you. Now, I am definitely a lover of all things makeup but let’s see what one of my favorite professional makeup artists has to say on the topic…

Based on my professional experience as a makeup artist, there’s a common theme amongst women and their makeup bags. Whether it is with clients, behind the scenes at fashion shows, photo shoots, TV/Film and with my students in class, I can vouch that your makeup bag speaks volumes for your personality. Regardless, if you are a makeup junkie, a minimalist or a gal on the go, we all have a commonality and that is a love affair (sometimes an obsession) with makeup!

-Breanne McNally, Professional Makeup Artist/Bellus Academy Makeup Instructor

So, what does your makeup bag say about you? Let’s find out!

The Bag:
-bright lipsticks
-false eyelashes
-scattered bobby pins from the night before
-eye drops
-hair pieces
-setting spray

BOLD, ADVENTOUROUS AND FEARLESS: You are a saucy diva that is the life of the party!

The Bag:
-eco tools
-vegan makeup
-lip balm
-mineral powder
-clear mascara
-your headband from Coachella
-sage spray

FREE SPIRITED, DEVOTED AND ARTISTIC:  People gravitate to your sensitive nature. You bring balance into any social circle.

The Bag:
-red lipstick
-eye shadow primer
-black eyeliner
-whitening strips
-eyelash curler

CHARMING, STYLISH, AND SOPHISTICATED: Your chic style is memorizing and those around you consider you the leader of the pack.

So, what does my makeup bag say about me? For one thing it says that I definitely have a makeup addiction! Also, it says that sometimes I’m bold and take on the day without fear and other times I’m just a free spirited carefree gal wrapped up in my art with random moments of channeling Audrey Hepburn in, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”…sound familiar? That’s the beauty of makeup artistry, it’s just that…a form of art. You can use it as a tool to enhance your natural beauty and express yourself however you choose to whenever you choose to. ..or, maybe I just have too much makeup…said no one ever! #iheartmakeup

By Leilani Angel

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