Miss California Visits Bellus Academy with Ariene Reese

Student Spotlight: Ariene Reese gives Miss California a facial!

When Ariene was assigned Cassandra Kunze for a Saturday facial she could not have been more excited. Ariene felt lucky that Miss Larissa had her in mind for this particular client. Take a moment to explore Ariene’s experience!

Kerstin Florian Facial

Ariene gave Cassie a Kerstin Florian Facial as a preventative treatment to take care of her beautiful skin. This 60-minute botanical facial is often used as an anti-aging treatment, but works well to keep young, fresh skin like Cassie’s, gorgeous for longer in life.

For this treatment, Ariene gave Cassie a soothing massage and fluffy facial. The facial uses only natural ingredients, full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. With a pro peel and algae mask, Cassie’s skin was on its way to refreshing rejuvenation.

Ariene explains the facial to be quite oxygenating and hydrating to make your skin glow. During the treatment Cassie said she felt her skin getting tighter, smoother, and younger looking.

For a deeper dive into the treatment itself, Ariene says this particular botanical facial uses all Kerstin Florian products. Ariene starts with calming, essential oils and has the client take deep breaths to start relaxing.

She then uses the Complete Daily Cleanser followed by a PRO 30 Multi-Acid Peel. This peel is a blend of acids geared to lighten, brighten, and tighten in about ten minutes.

Ariene used neroli water as a neutralizer to hydrate and freshen the skin, followed by a relaxing lavender oil massage. She brought the facial to an end with a few practices including a cooling algae gel mask, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, a spray of neroli water, brightening eye cream, and multiple vitamin cream with SPF 30.

Ariene’s Experience

Ariene felt an exciting type of nervous, where she knew that she could handle it. She was flattered that her instructor chose her to work on Miss California. She says that as a Master Esthetics Student, the ability to take on experiences such as this starts to make you feel official with the potential to build up clientele. Throughout the facial, Cassie gave Ariene positive feedback, which of course made her feel great. She said Cassie and her mom, who also came in for a facial, were both sweet and wonderful clients to work with.

Throughout her experiences with Bellus Academy, Ariene is assured that she is in the exact industry she needs to be in. She is looking forward to staying involved and attending the next Spa Connection event. Ariene plans to one day work in permanent cosmetics. Keep up the great work, Ariene!

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