Get Schooled in the Art of Inspiration

July 11, 2013

Get Schooled in the Art of Inspiration

(Courtesy of Wella Education)

If you, kind reader, will forgive us for turning to all the way back to the great philosopher Aristotle to set the stage, we’ll share with you a divine story of a great man. Aristotle said, “Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.”

Keep those words in mind as we introduce you to Diego Raviglione. As a salon owner, Raviglione could have had it all. A style icon and master of his craft, socialites and stars surely would have swarmed like buzzing little bees to any shop with his name on the sign. As a stylist, what could be better than that? Ask Raviglione and he’ll tell you, without hesitation.

Teaching. Sharing. Mentoring. Motivating. Inspiring.

“Becoming a great stylist only begins with technical ability, which is a very small part of the total package of success,” says the 29-year industry veteran, who serves as Artistic Director of Bellus Academy and is a Wella Top Stylist. “I wanted to play a key role in shaping the future generation of our industry. I wanted to share with students what a truly incredible craft this is and how we need to re-approach it through the eyes of design and true artistry.”

It’s not new styles, trends or techniques that keep Raviglione awake at night. It’s the fear of ceasing to learn and grow. “I constantly strive to better myself in every artistic discipline of my craft and I never allow myself to feel that I have arrived,” he says. “For me it’s not about the destination. It’s about struggle, victory, failure and the joy of the journey.”

So where does this masterful teacher find his inspiration? It’s not in having a hot celebrity client or a featured ‘do in a glassy magazine. It’s not even in the words of the great Greek philosophers. “I am so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible artists who are willing to share and each and every one of them has mentored me in their own way, regardless of whether they have been in this industry for one year or 40 years,” he says. “We can all learn from one another and be inspired by everyone.”



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Lynelle Lynch – President of Bellus Academy featured on The American Association of Cosmetology Schools Radio!

Cosmetology professions offer terrific job opportunities to a lot of people. This interview will help you understand the value of post secondary education in these fields that teachers, counselors, parents and students need to know.


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