Deep Tissue/Sports Massage Continued…

September 20, 2011

Guest Blogger: Joseph Barbalaco, Director of Massage Programs

For the second section of Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, I would like to express the benefits.

These specialized massages will help with:

1. Faster recovery from micro damage and trauma due to workouts.

2. Increasing range of motion keeping the overused joint mobile and free from joint structures binding together.

3. Rejuvenating fatigued muscles from repetitive overuse.

4. Preventing muscle strain by maintaining new resting lengths for muscles that are shortening due to weight overloads.

Scar Tissue is the problem:

Scar tissue is denser than normal tissue and because of this density; blood supply is limited to these areas.  (A good blood supply is necessary for growth and repair of damaged tissue.)  The function of scar tissue is to replace damaged tissue.  Unfortunately scar tissue is limited in functions that include movement, circulation, and sensation.  The problem with scar tissue is that it will never be as strong as the tissue it replaces.

Any person who has had past injury has formed scar tissue in those areas.  Those areas are considered weak spots which can cause further damage in the future.

Solution: A trained Massage Therapist will see the imbalances of the body such as the skeletal and muscular systems.  They will also know the difference between healthy tissues from scar tissue.  A skilled Massage Therapist will create a plan to reduce scar tissue.

A PLAN could involve:

1. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).  This may limit scar tissue to overused areas of the body.

2. Deep Tissue methods that will involve lots of friction and cross fiber fiction creating the scar to be flexible and pliable.

3. Neuromuscular Therapies to help create new resting lengths of shortened muscles affected by scar tissue.

4. Provide the client with home exercise to keep their body strong yet flexible.  This may help with preventing future injury and scar tissue build up.

Thank you for reading my BLOG about Deep Tissue massage.  Remember that Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention is something we all can do to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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