Bellus Academy’s Autumn Macias Talks Trend Vision

Bellus Academy’s Autumn Macias Talks Trend Vision

Our very own Autumn Macias from the Poway Campus took Bronze in the Student category at the 2014 North American Trend Vision! Read up on her experience as a finalist.

Autumn had not been signed up for any advanced academy so it was fantastic to have this great extra training as she prepared. She gathered inspiration from last year’s trends and saw this as a chance for more education and training.

The process was a wonderful one in terms of finding a model. The trend she had chosen to go with was Borderline Beauty which is full of an organic meets mechanic feel. She planned to go with the darker, more muted tones that were textured. Often the stylists will find a model and base the look off the model as well as the trend. However, Autumn had a vision first and wanted to find a model to fit it. She found a student at Bellus who was understanding and supportive of her vision for extreme crazy colors and exploratory hair styling.

Autumn started off on this journey just barely out of color and cut without any client experience behind her. She worked away on her doll head and stayed extra hours to get ready. She would bring Diego drawing after drawing for feedback and advice. He would say that he saw what she was going for but that she could do better. She was evolving her work with more than twenty drawings a day. They finally chose one and started working on the cut.

Autumn talks about how exciting it is to have people behind her to encourage her to do better. She put in the hard work with her doll heads and focused on making the look the best it could possibly be. She knew that being so young with a small amount of experience meant she was here for a reason. She asserts that beauty school is tough. There are a lot of girls going for similar dreams. Autumn has felt overwhelming support and acceptance, especially from the staff. She says she wouldn’t have made it this far without them.

Her advice to other students is to remember that it is all about how you present yourself. It makes a big impact on people who judge you and interview you. It matters who you are and how you want to be known to stand out in the industry. Be confident and show the world what you want them to see.

Congratulations, Autumn!

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