Bellus Academy, Balance, and Excellence

May 3, 2011

Guest Blogger Kelly Straeter, Academy Manager

Every successful organization has high standards and a strong sense of purpose toward their vision and mission. These high standards and sense of purpose are demonstrated through having a balanced approach to internal and external affairs. Success starts internally from quality and innovative top leadership and spreads throughout the organization into every team member, and every aspect of marketing and development of products and services.

In the academic environment, high standards and a strong sense of purpose are critical to success because the outcome is not a product which can be recalled or redesigned if faulty, but the transference of knowledge and skills. Whatever students are taught, and how they are taught, will duplicate into the results they produce when they are finished with their education and enter into their careers.

For educational institutions, being balanced is far more than just a word. It’s an acronym for seven guiding principles.

1) Bold – A successful school has a bold vision and plan of action to achieve that vision.

2) Academics – A successful school has a commitment to the core, fundamental academic principles of each subject.

3) Leadership – A successful school has strong leadership which fully recognizes, utilizes and builds upon the individual and collective talents of its teachers and staff.

4) Accountability – A successful school is accountable to its principles, values and core mission.

5) Noteworthy – A successful school goes beyond minimum standards and achieves noteworthy success.

6) Courageous – A successful school has the courage to set high standards for itself, faculty and students and creates the systems and environment to meet and exceed those standards.

7) Excellence – A successful school achieves excellence as a result of its commitment to the principle of constant and never ending improvement. Excellence is not a destination. It’s a journey of learning through successes and failures, and continuously developing higher standards through those lessons of experience.

Success leaves clues. You will recognize that an organization is balanced through the results it creates. Those results show up from the moment a person first walks into the door of their facility, the way phone calls are answered, and the feeling people have when they leave each day. When there is harmony and balance in an organization, you can feel it in the air through every product and service that is offered, down to the way a person is greeted or bid farewell.

Bellus Academy is a prime example of a school which focuses on balance and excellence. Known for its world renowned instructors and staff, Bellus Academy is setting high standards and leading the nation in the education of beauty and wellness services. Through advanced academic classes and workshops, international certification in all areas, and externships and job placement assistance for a lifetime, Bellus Academy has been Voted Best Beauty School by Modern Salon and Spa.

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