B.E. Creative: Week 5 Recap

March 31, 2017

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Week 5 Recap: Zoie McClouskey

Styling week was such a blast! I do a lot of fun styling at my salon and also go on-site for weddings and photoshoots pretty frequently, so this week I was super pumped to get to try some new things. I wouldn’t say I have a strong styling skill set, but I can fumble around well enough until I figure it out. My goal for the week was to develop a game plan when it comes to updos and things of that nature so that in the future I can work more efficiently.

I always try to keep up with trends and new fads that pop up or come back to the limelight and all I can say is BRAIDS, BRAIDS, BRAIDS. Like I said, I can fumble around and Mcguyver a braid by looking at a picture, but actually knowing how to start a braid by looking at a photo is a tough job nowadays with all the braids out there.

We got to work on so many different types and master them. I never thought I could figure out a chain link braid. I’ve watched video after video, tons of tutorials and for some reason couldn’t wrap my head around it. After practicing (for what felt like a year) I finally can say I know how to do a successful chain link braid! The rest of the week we did some classic styles that are resurfacing as well, french twists, classic buns, curl sets.

One of my favorite exercises we did was two curl sets on one head, with different sectioning to see the effect between what placement and section has on the end result. I love creating retro, classic looks. When I do weddings, I always find the looks that I’m happiest with are the timeless, classic styles. I feel they are flattering on everyone.

I have my go-to way of setting hair and brushing it out to create the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s style glamor waves, so it was fun for me to see the difference in trying a different sectioning pattern. It’s essential to know these types of looks because they will sustain throughout the years. So many times behind the chair I’ll have a guest underestimate my knowledge of an actress from back in the day when they want their hairstyle. I get the, “You probably don’t know Veronica Lake, but that’s the style I’m going for.” And it makes me excited to be able to say, “Actually, I do know exactly who you’re talking about and exactly what her hair looks like AND I can do that for you today!”

In this industry, we are so influenced by styles, old and new, that I feel it’s vital to stay educated with pop culture in all senses. It inspires not only us, but our guests, it’s essential to stay on top of those type of things. Styling week was so amazing and I’m so excited for the next shoot or event I get to do some styling on. Knowing this class is coming to an end next week is such a sad thought.

Week 5 Recap: Nicole Green

This week focused on everything we needed to know about finishing and styling. We spent this week with our instructor Melissa who has years of hair experience and knowledge and it was absolutely amazing learning from her!

With any haircut, color or style, there is always a blow dry involved. Melissa made sure that everyone was up to speed with the foundation and key fundamentals of blowdrying. We went through wrapping, leafing, and beveling as well as doing a smooth and voluminous round brush.

At the beginning of the week she had asked us where our problem areas were when it came to styling and I mentioned that braiding and updos were definitely my weak areas. We spent an entire day on both. Sometimes in school your brain just clicks with the way a teacher explains things or it just doesn’t. In this case, it did! I not only felt confident with quite a few different styles of braiding, but I executed an updo that I was actually really happy with!

The end of the week was spent on more Avante Garde type styling where we were able to add different accessories in to the hair as well as play with all kinds of different textures.

In all, it was the perfect curriculum to tie everything together that we have learned so far and to lead us in to our final week 6 … photoshoot week!

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