A Day In The Life of a Bellus Academy Student

September 30, 2020

At Bellus Academy, every day is packed full of learning, artistry, and fun. No matter which program they’re enrolled in, we help our students make the most of each day in their studies so they’re prepared to tackle the job market as soon as they cross the graduation stage. Here, we’re offering you an inside look at what it’s like to be a student at one of our four award-winning campuses located in California and Kansas.

Learning from Top Educators

Each day, students begin with what we call a group huddle. During these huddles, they receive an overview of their salon performance from the previous day. This helps everyone become the best they can be by learning how many retail dollars they sold, their average ticket costs, and an overview of where each student excelled and where there is room for growth!

Along with sharing this hands-on salon experience, our industry-leading educators teach students theory, technique, and protocol. Plus, as field experts themselves, they also supply students with helpful industry insights to prepare them for rewarding, lucrative careers after graduation.

Becoming Business Savvy

Of course, learning doesn’t end there for our students. Throughout the school day, students in our programs may take one or more business courses. While these differ from program to program, the core principles they teach remain the same, including self-marketing, financial management, networking, and more.

As any artist knows, gaining impeccable hair, makeup, or esthetic skills is only half the battle. That’s why we equip our students with the tools they need to be successful as future freelancers, salon workers, and other types of artists. Plus, not only will these technical skills come in handy on the job, but hiring managers will be impressed when they learn that their new job candidate has demonstrated abilities to budget, market, and more.

Participating in Externships

For cosmetology and esthetics students who are attending one of our CA campuses, a day at school might mean a day spent participating in an externship. These exciting opportunities are the result of our close relationships with high-end salons in Southern CA such as DK Hair, Salon Radius, Headlines4Hair, and more.

During one of these externships, students get the opportunity to beef up their resumes and fine-tune their portfolios. Whether they spend time shadowing or providing services, students can improve their craft while building customer service capabilities. What’s more, these externships also provide invaluable perspective for students regarding their future career paths. Overall, these structured opportunities shed light on their perfect career fit to guide their job search and aspirations.

Earning Their Licensure

Finally, every single day, each of our students works towards earning their state or even international licensures. As they move through their respective programs, we prepare them to take and pass their board exams. To do this, we give each of our students an iPad where they can engage in social learning through our app, complete mock state board tests, and even access student kits that include state board prep materials and licensing fees.

By bolstering our students in so many ways, it’s no wonder we were awarded #1 Job Placement in the Nation in 2014. If you want to make your days look a little more like the one we’ve described, then one of Bellus Academy’s programs might be right for you. Contact a member of our admissions team today to learn more about the opportunities offered by our CA and KS campuses. To schedule a campus tour and cosmetology student interview, please call 888-990-7094.

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