Your Career in Cosmetology’s Bright Future

Do you think of yourself as stylish and up-to-date with the latest trends? Do you want to give others a self-esteem boost by making them look and feel their best? If so, a career in cosmetology might be your ideal path, and you’re in luck. The job growth rate for cosmetologists is projected at 10%, which is higher than the average rate for other occupations in the United States. Here, Bellus Academy explores cosmetology career trends and the broad scope of opportunities that you may qualify for after earning your cosmetologist license.

Understanding Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a field that commonly includes services like haircuts, skin treatment, and nail services. As a cosmetologist, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at a number of different services and see where your interests and natural abilities lie. At Bellus Academy, the cosmetology program involves verbal, written, and hands-on instruction so you can gain comprehensive knowledge on how to complete your responsibilities to your client’s liking. You’ll also be able to offer suggestions and tips to people who may be unsure about what they want their style to be.

Becoming a Hairstylist

One of the more popular careers for cosmetologists is becoming a hairstylist, which entails anything from giving haircuts to bleaching and coloring hair. Some other common services include perms, shampooing, straightening, and chemical treatments. As a hairstylist, you will also have the chance to work in an existing salon or start your own business. The professional development training incorporated into the cosmetology programs at Bellus Academy will help you handle the new and exciting challenges that you may face every day as a business owner.

Make-Up Artist

You can also utilize your cosmetology training to become a make-up artist. This glamorous career path allows you to work with actors, models, and anyone else who needs to look great on camera. For instance, you can either work for a magazine or production company to prepare their subjects for photoshoots and filming, or you can become a freelancer and have new work environments and clients every week. The Cosmetology 102 program offered by Bellus Academy at each of our four locations features a Make-up Designory (MUD) curriculum that comes with your own professional kit so you can learn the latest techniques.

Wedding and Event Stylist

Everybody has certain life events that they want to remember for a lifetime. Help them always look back fondly on these moments by achieving their vision of beauty as a wedding and event stylist. This fulfilling career path involves consulting with clients before their big days to determine how they want to look. You’ll then provide hair, nail, and skin services that increase their confidence and have them glowing for the abundance of pictures that are about to be taken.

Begin Your Cosmetology Career Today

The ever-evolving cosmetology career trends open you up to many opportunities after completing your training and earning your license. At Bellus Academy, you will encounter both theoretical and hands-on instruction combined with professional development that will prepare you for success in this fast-paced field. To learn more about what our programs offer or to enroll, contact us, or apply online today.

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