Why Businesses Should Partner with Bellus Academy

April 14, 2014

Are you looking to find a graduate ready for the working world?

Do you want to learn more about working with Bellus Academy students?

Cathy Chavez explores why businesses should partner with Bellus Academy. Read about what sets Bellus apart from the rest!

Finding Candidates

Businesses that partner with Bellus Academy have the ability to get their postings listed on the job board at Bellus. They can put leads out and get a range of qualified candidates to apply. The process to find interns and employees is simple and gives them access to fresh graduates as well as seasoned professionals.

Employers also have the option to work with an eight week externship program with Bellus Academy students. The students are able to go out to a salon or spa as part of a mentorship program. It is wonderful exposure for Bellus Academy students to see what real life is like at the spa or salon. They see how the salon works and the mentor has potential future candidates for hire.

Constructive Feedback

The students are able to build rapport and positive reputations with salon owners during mentorships. A Bellus Academy representative is also set to review the programs and learn the good, bad, and ugly about the student performance and externship process. When good relationships are built with employers, they can become a part of the advisory board that joins once a year to go over curriculum. This is a crucial time to make changes and grow from feedback. The employers are honest with what they see with their students. It has even become a platform from which employers have become guest speakers.


The possibilities for students and businesses continue to grow with these programs. The externships can certainly lead to job offers and great professional references. Cathy encourages students to keep networking to help acquire externships. Bellus Academy is working toward having two job fairs per year where students and employers can start building those relationships and opening the lines of communication.

The career services center works to coach and train students with activities such as mock interviews and workshops on ways to get the job and be successful in an interview. They work through goals, cover letters, and resumes. They challenge students to really contemplate where they want to work and make realistic career goals that can meet their expectations. 

Bellus pushes students to go to the state boards, learn everything they possibly can to pass, and move on to getting a great job. Bellus Academy is creating career ready graduates who are ready to work with great education and professionalism behind them.

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