The Truth About Post Secondary Education

December 22, 2016

You’re a high school senior. Your entire academic career has been focused on one end goal: going to college.

At lunch and at college fairs, you see school after school, institution after institution setting up their booths, ready to take on freshmen. It seems like the obvious and only choice is to choose a college in your hometown, pick a degree and get going.

Since the beginning of your middle school years, you’ve been told by family, friends, counselors and teachers that college is the next step in life after high school. College years consist of joining a frat or sorority, going to football games and wishing every Monday morning that your professor will cancel your 7am class. But does it have to be that way?

While you’ve been given all this information on colleges and universities, you may have been thinking, “Can I even go to college?”

If you’re struggling in high school, the fear of failing in college might start to creep in. You know that a classroom lecture isn’t your strong suit, and that essay projects make you sweat.

A 4-Year College is Not For Everyone

Just because you’ve been told that a 4-year college is the place for you, doesn’t mean that it will be.

It’s OK to consider all the options.

If you have any doubts about where your education is going, explore every opportunity. You might find that a program like cosmetology, esthetics or makeup is the perfect fit.

What’s the Difference?

Colleges and universities often focus on degrees that take 4 years or more to complete. Jobs like a medical doctor, dentist or a lawyer all require a degree that take years to finish.

Trade or vocational schools usually offer certification, licensure, or a 2-year degree. Unlike colleges, they don’t usually require any prerequisites in education besides a high school diploma. Colleges sometimes mandate that you take general studies before you can start learning trade education. Trade or vocational schools, for the most part, don’t need this.

Trade schools can:

  • Have smaller class sizes than colleges do.
  • Be completed in less time than colleges.
  • Offer more job-specific training.
  • Have more scheduling flexibility.

Who Should Go to a Trade School?

That answer will depend entirely on the student. If you feel that a 4-year institution is your place, you should pursue it with vigor.

We can’t speak for all trade, technical or vocational schools, but here at Bellus Academy, we believe students who are creative, kinesthetic, visual, upbeat, passionate, loving, caring, colorful and fun are the best candidates for beauty school.

If all of this information speaks to you, feel free to reach out to us with no hesitation. Check out all of the programs we offer in all of our locations. Talk to one of our admissions reps to get started on the enrollment process. We’re here for you.

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