The Benefits of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Bellus Academy

March 27, 2014

Are you preparing to attend Bellus Academy?

Do you know the ins and outs of financial aid?

Learn about the importance of being prepared for your time in school and the benefits of financial aid and scholarships at Bellus Academy. The Bellus Academy Financial Aid team is ready to assist you!

Are you prepared?

Coming into Bellus Academy with a solid understanding of your financial situation is essential to your success. The best thing a prospective student can do heading into the application process is research.

Students should investigate their situation and options with the website. This site helps out with general information as well as the PIN acquisition process. All students need to be prepared with a high school diploma and tax information.

Know About the School

For any school that you are looking to attend, it is essential to be aware of what the admission requirements are at each one. Each school may have a different calendar of dates that are important to the application process. All financial aid can be done on time if you are prepared!

Loans and Grants

The website is a fountain of information, resources, and financial literacy. This is where students go to complete counseling, sign the Master Promissory Note, apply for a PIN and the FAFSA etc. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a free application for student aid that determines financial eligibility. This is one of the first places students should be going to before the application process begins for any school.

If students are enrolling before July, they are required to complete the ‘13-‘14 and the ‘14-‘15 FAFSA. It is important to remember that the FAFSA is an application, and not everyone will qualify.

Students should know that financial aid is a combination of loans to be paid back and grants. With aid guidance it is important to know that nothing is guaranteed until the government verifies it.

If students can have parents involved in the financial aid process, it can certainly be very beneficial. They can be involved with the credit check process in addition to finding out what eligibility lies with the parents.

Bellus Academy Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office at Bellus is always there for assistance to help students walk through the steps. There is so much out there and while it is very important for students to do their research first, the office is always available for support. The office is able and willing to help through the whole process, but they also want students to try it on their own and know all of the information.

It is important for prospective students to know what type of a program they want when coming to school as well as the different programs they may qualify for. Students must be able to meet admissions requirements at any school with physical copies of essential documents.

Programs to Know About

  • Bellus accepts Workforce partnerships
  • Bellus offers various scholarships throughout the year
  • Bellus always offers a high school scholarship for those who have graduated, within a year of their graduation
  • Eligible for MyCAA scholarship and Veterans benefits
  • The school offers various payment plans as well as cash payment plans
  • As a private institution, Bellus is not eligible for Dream Act
  • California State Grant & Board of Governors not eligible

Read your catalogue and consumer information on the website so you are able to come to school informed about what it takes to get a job and pay back your loans! For more information, visit the Financial Aid section of

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