The Bellus Academy Experience with Autumn Camacho

April 17, 2014

Are you starting your journey through the Bellus Academy experience?

Do you want to know what other students love most about their time at Bellus Acadmey?

Read about the experience of Autumn Camacho, a recent graduate of Bellus Academy and discover what her Bellus Academy experience entailed!

The Beginnings as a Bellus Student

When Autumn began at Bellus Academy, she was not convinced that it was for her. Coming into the Cosmetology Program, she worried about fitting in. Despite her reservations, she continued through the Bellus Academy experience.

Autumn’s Bellus Academy experience was nothing like she thought it was going to be. She never imagined she would have to learn anatomy so well! Bellus is intensive and goes past the basics. Autumn appreciates the holistic experience that prepares students well for the real world. It goes beyond simply taking a state board. She affirms that Bellus Academy is the most amazing place to be and the most amazing business to get into.

When she was starting out, Autumn went to her first instructor to say that she felt like she couldn’t do it anymore and thought she wasn’t learning the way she wanted to. The instructor challenged her with what she wanted and how leaving would benefit that. Autumn’s instructors have always listened to her and given her these types of pushes and encouragements to succeed.

The Staff

Autumn feels so grateful for having the amazing staff who always kept her going. She says they got her hooked in and she feels she could not have chosen a better school or location. Everyone at Bellus from instructors to the admissions office helped her succeed. Autumn asserts that if you do the work, the people will go above and beyond for you. Every time she had doubts, they pushed her and kept her going with reasons to stay.

As someone who considers herself to be a self-starter who jumps in feet first, Autumn was supported by instructors who were always there to help but let her dive into the learning process. The willingness the instructors had to push her is something she cherished. She understood that they challenged her out of care. They taught her to use everything as a learning experience.

Planning for the Future

During her time at Bellus she participated in a lot of events which were amazing in that they gave you freedom to test out the waters of a real working environment.

As a graduate, Autumn hopes to work with hair and greatly values the importance of a good blow dry as the foundation of a hairstyle. Autumn encourages students to always take feedback as constructive criticism because the instructors are always pushing you to be successful. She advises to be a positive person, never give up, and be at Bellus Academy every day to work toward your future.

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