Springtime Looks Inspired By Your Favorite Flowers

February 12, 2018

Are you already looking forward to spring? There’s no better time to start brainstorming your upcoming warm weather looks than now! Spring is full of life, beauty, and most importantly, flowers! Beauty is something that is often derived from the natural world, so this year we want to try some flower-inspired spring looks!

If you’re not sure which flower matches your personality and look, take our quiz!

Now that you know which flower represents you, here are a few ways we’ve come up with to embody your spring flower getup:


Lavender flowers are a lovely purple color, and are known for their distinct and gentle fragrance. If you’re going for a lavender-inspired look, consider that combination of color and aroma. Use gentle purples as part of your wardrobe, makeup, or even your hair! Purple is one of those colors that needs to be tempered with other colors as well. Use whites as accents or backgrounds to your wardrobe to help give your look some depth. Simple purple eye shadow can really tie the whole look together!


Red will almost always be a high-fashion color, so if you’re a high-fashion person, rose is the perfect flower to inspire your spring look! As a rose, your job is to stand out and look bold and beautiful. Eye-catching dresses, flattering skirts, and dazzling jewelry are all excellent picks to help you look amazing! Rose petals are a common beauty theme, so use them in your look any way you can! Accessories can help tie an entire look together by combining complementary colors together with the main attraction: you!


A tulip-inspired look is very similar to rose-inspired in many ways. A tulip look with have elements of boldness and strong color choices, but a tulip-inspired look will be a simpler look overall. You don’t need all the excessive bits and bobs that a rose might, you just need a simple outfit with some strong color blocking to be ready for the spring season. Simple yet bold is what you should go for!


The lotus is a flower of understated beauty. It’s not about being obvious or in-your-face with color or style. Choosing something simple, practical, and lovely is what the lotus-inspired style is all about. Try to keep your makeup looking as natural as possible, accessorize only as necessary, and focus on what makes you beautiful: You!


The daisy-inspired look is all about being practical, focusing on function over form. Similar to the lotus, you don’t need to be excessive with the way you style yourself. Simple colors and simple makeup is the way to go. The difference is that a daisy combines functionality with beauty, which means that you’re only going to buy that cute skirt if it has pockets in it!

Share With Us!

Which flower are you? Do you feel like our flower-inspired fashion advice is spot-on? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook! Better yet, if you have a picture of your flower-inspired look, please send it to us on Facebook! If you’re interested in trying a new look, make sure you check out our pointers for picking the perfect red lipstick!

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