Career Opportunities in Spa Nails

If you enjoy hands-on work and helping others feel good about themselves, a spa nails career could be right for you. As innovations in technique and style evolve, this field continues to grow and requires training beyond basic manicuring skills. At Bellus Academy, we’re committed to providing the highest level of training, ensuring our graduates are prepared for professional, personal, and financial success. Learn more about where spa nail technicians can work and how you can build a career doing what you love.

Luxury Salons and Spas

While our Spa Nail program will prepare you to work in any business that provides manicures and nail art, your advanced skills will suit the higher standard set by luxury salons and spas. From special occasion designs to cutting-edge techniques that can’t be found in the average nail salon, you’ll be prepared to serve clients with a next-level nail experience they won’t soon forget. Training in aromatherapy, reflexology, and other areas of specialization are well suited to these high-end environments and make you a highly desirable candidate.

Full-Service and Boutique Hair Salons

Working in a full-service salon generally involves scheduled eight-hour days, so technicians who have practical training and vast knowledge of the position will excel. Full-service salons are also ideal if you like versatility in the workday, as you’ll be tasked with performing manicures, pedicures, and other procedures depending on the clients you serve.

Boutique hair salons are a good choice for those who are interested in part-time work. These positions tend to be a little more flexible, allowing you more time with family. Keep in mind that the busiest times for nail technicians are weeknights and weekends, although your schedule will ultimately be set by your employer and the needs of clients.

Mobile Options

As technology continues to advance, and today’s customers expect more convenient options in every aspect of life, mobile grooming companies have seized on an expanding market. Nail technicians in these jobs make house calls, bringing their tools and techniques to each client’s home for a truly personalized experience. Joining one of these companies can give you more freedom in your workday, as well as a welcome change of scenery for those who prefer to always be on the go. This is also a great choice for nail technicians who love to meet new people and who feel comfortable visiting clients in their homes.

Open Your Own Business

If you dream of being your own boss, this is the path for you. The demand for manicures and pedicures is always growing, especially as men join the large numbers of women who enjoy the relaxing pampering these services provide. That means there’s no time like the present to establish not just your career, but your business. Bellus Academy programs go beyond traditional and modern spa nail techniques with the business-based training you need to become a beauty industry entrepreneur.

Learn More about Spa Nail Careers

From simple French manicures to the eye-catching nail art gracing the hands of models, actresses, and influencers, your spa nails training is sure to open many doors. If you’re interested in learning more, explore our Spa Nails program in Poway or Chula Vista, California, or contact Bellus Academy today.

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