Nail Tech: Careers with the Right Touch to Lower Stress

August 18, 2023

Seeking a career that helps stress subside?  How about a career as a nail tech and spa professional? Few of us are immune to stress in an increasingly fast-paced world where daily pressures never seem to subside. As the consequences stress imposes – from susceptibility to illness to diminished performance in athletics, school, and work activities – are becoming increasingly clear, consumers are seeking strategies to manage stress.

For example, self-care is an important component in managing stress. Few destinations are better equipped to manage stress than the spa environment. Whether it’s a hot rock treatment, aromatherapy spa service, reflexology treatment, or afternoon of indulging in day spa treatments, the spa is increasingly becoming a destination for detoxing from a stressful environment. Below we look at popular spa services. This includes the role of the nail tech and spa professional – hands down, one of the most stress-resistant careers in the industry today.

Furthermore, are you ready to step into the spa nails industry and launch a career that allows you to help others dial down their stress? Professionals working in the nail tech and spa realm provide beauty and wellness services that transcend pampering and intersect with holistic health and self-expression. Spa professionals help their clients detach from everyday stressors and step into a tranquil sanctuary. 

Below, we consider professional pathways for a career that blends craft, artistry, and mindfulness.

Sensory soothing via aromatherapy spa treatments

Undeniably, since ancient times aromatherapy spa services have been practiced.

In fact, Hippocrates is given the credit with the statement, “The key to good health rests in having a daily aromatic bath and scented massage.”

Ah, the wisdom of the father of modern medicine! The term “phytogenic” means “of plant origin.” Many of the ingredients in essential oil and other aromatherapy spa treatments are from  plants. From the ingredients in spa nail oil for the cuticles to a customized facial, the use of plant ingredients soothe both skin and soul.

Today’s aromatherapy spa treatments go well beyond traditional notions of relaxation. They incorporate the therapeutic benefits of essential oils into a variety of treatments provided by nail tech and spa professionals. These include massages, facials, and foot reflexology treatments. The licensed spa professional is trained to fuse skillful touch with knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and fragrant essences.

In this situation, this allows them to create an aromatherapy spa treatment that promotes stress relief and emotional balance while relaxing mind and spirit. Looking for a career where you can help deliver a good mood day, every day? Look no further than the aromatherapy sector.

Reflexology treatments tapping into the power of touch therapy

It’s important to realize that another practice rooted in ancient wisdom is reflexology.

Reflexology treatments aim to target specific pressure points on the feet (foot reflexology) as well as hands and even ears. The objective is to stimulate corresponding areas of the body to support natural healing processes. Such a holistic approach to wellness is gaining traction in today’s hyper-stressed sole.

Foot Reflexology: A Sole Path to Less stress

Feet are often said to be the foundation for the human body. The sole of the foot can serve as a canvas for practicing the intricate art of foot reflexology. A nail tech and spa professional can use reflexology to take foot care well beyond the basics of a conventional pedicure. As anyone who has ever stepped into a hot foot bath knows, the sole of the foot can be the gateway to stepping away from the pain of a day on your feet.

Foot reflexology stands on the ancient wisdom that a person’s feet contain a map of the entire body. It has specific locations corresponding to various organs and systems. As the spa tech applies pressure to these points, the foot reflexology treatment promotes balance and vitality throughout the body.

Meanwhile, beyond providing physical relief, foot reflexology also provides a contemplative experience. The client can connect with his or her body and embark on a journey of heightened self-awareness.

Hot rock treatment: Relaxation that’s set in stone

Take two rocks and call me in the morning? The prescriptive approach to hot rock treatment in spas is much more sophisticated, even though the wisdom is age-old. The healing and soothing properties of elements found in the earth are in use for thousand of years. This is to leverage nature as a relaxation tool. Hot rocks spa treatments use hot, smooth stones in a variety of sizes as agents of calm. A spa tech strategically places the stones on the body. Upon contact with the skin, the sones’ warmth helps melt away tension and instills a deep sense of calm. Spa techs and therapists use the stones to provide soothing masses that create a sensory journey. They aim to soothe the muscles while calming the mind. Connecting warmth with human touch delivers a spa experience that can help clients transcend the trauma of the day.

Holistic & Artistic Careers

Caregivers and artists alike have pathways and opportunities that exist in nail tech and spa career paths. The spa industry offers a broad range of intriguing modalities that contribute to the wellness of others and the continued growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Nail Tech and Spa Careers

Professional nail technicians have more than skills in their technique. Nail techs are also artists capable of turning the tiniest toenail into a canvas displaying artwork. As the evolution of nail artistry continues, today’s nails are tools that can express a client’s personality, culture, and sense of style. From traditional manicures to intense artwork, nail technicians rely on a blend of creativity. Their technical precision makes a statement one fingernail or toenail at a time. The nail tech and spa industry represent a rich tapestry that weaves together the threads of creativity, compassion, and technical expertise.

Furthermore, accomplished professionals in this field are remarkably generous when it comes to paying it forward for the next generation.

Selecting a career in the nail tech and spa sector provides a route for helping others embrace wellness and self-care, whether through the artistic transformation of nails, the healing touch of reflexology or the aromatic “hug” of essential oils. As stress continues to be a serious issue, the nail tech and spa career path offers opportunities for personal growth, continual learning, and professional fulfillment.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If a career in the nail tech and spa sector sounds like it might be the right fit, the next step is to embrace education. Here are some considerations for selecting a school.

Inquire about the education team’s credentials

What experience and credentials do educators bring to the classroom. Have they won professional awards, been featured in leading trade media and social media sites? Are they considered “influencers” in the industry? Top schools will draw talent  from the industry to lead workshops, evaluate curriculum or provide guest education. For example, Bellus Academy, an award-winning beauty, and wellness school with campuses in California and Kanas, works with global spa authorities to develop its spa curriculum. The school also brings in leadership from some of the professional nail art industry’s most esteemed brands.

Inquire about scholarships

Beauty Changes Lives is a non-profit that awards tuition scholarships to students pursuing careers in the nail industry. You can find scholarship opportunities here.

Consider a school’s industry connections

Is the school’s leadership a member of – or even better, a board member of – industry organizations like the International Spa Association – ISPA.

Check out industry trade shows

Every industry has its trade shows and the nail tech and spa sector are no different. One of the largest shows in the beauty industry is America’s Beauty Show, held each spring in Chicago.

Do your social media homework

Social media sites ranging from the American Spa Instagram handle to the Associated Skincare Professionals LinkedIn page provide an online forum for seeing what the industry is talking about.

Do a skills inventory

Certain skills are essential in the nail tech and spa sector include good interpersonal skills that build clients’ trust and help them feel comfortable and heard during treatment. Empathy and compassion are also important as working in a spa involves interacting with clients who may be seeking relief from stress or pain. Spa pros should be understanding and patient. Finally, attention to detail is essential. You’ll need precision to achieve the highly sophisticated designs involved in nail art. Other skills that support success include flexibility and adaptability, problem-solving abilities, physical stamina, and time management skills.

In conclusion, if you think a career as a nail tech spa professional or spa specialist might be in the cards for you, contact Bellus Academy and speak with an admissions counselor by calling 888-990-7094.

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