Massage Therapy at Bellus Academy with Brent Haney

Are you considering a career in massage therapy?

Do you want to learn more about what Bellus Academy offers?

Brent Haney dives into why Bellus Academy is the top choice for massage therapy students. Learn about the importance of massage therapy and what to look for in an educational program.

What should you expect in the massage industry?

An individual selecting the path to become a massage therapist should do their research and go to school with an understanding of what is required to be a massage therapist. Brent explains that it is essential to be a giving person. There is an athletic nature of the career that is very physically involved. A message therapist must be empathetic toward the pain, suffering, and various issues clients will come in with. The idea that massage therapy is just a luxurious, feel good treatment is outdated.

What is the importance of massage classes?

All students in the Bellus Academy massage therapy program give and receive massages throughout class so they know how it feels. They are then better equipped to explain and treat future clients. To be a great massage therapist you have to know what the experience is like to be able to promote your services.

Brent talks about the importance of looking at what the programs offer when looking at heading off to a massage school. He emphasizes the importance of thinking about what you want in your future. Think about your marketability when choosing which skills to focus on. It will be important to standout in the highly competitive market after graduation.

What is important when choosing a school?

It is essential to look at the caliber of educators providing the education to you. You want someone who has experienced both failures and successes they have been able to learn and grow from. Students do not want to be at a school where teachers are taken right out of the classroom with no real world experience.

Take a look at the school’s affiliations. The school you choose to attend will help you develop skills for a future career and help determine what kind of lifestyle you are going to live. Bellus Academy is part of the American Massage Therapy Association as well as the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Bellus Academy continues to hit and exceed standards, which directly affect the level of education that students receive.

How often should a student attend school?

Consider how often you will be able to go to school. A few days a week can work, but attending classes 4-5 days consecutively gives you the opportunity to learn and put the techniques you are learning into practice the very next day. The more often you are able to learn with others, you will get more intensive help and guidance. You are not likely to pick up negative habits with someone over your shoulder.

Which modalities does Bellus Academy offer?

A successful massage therapist ought to choose a school that offers a variety of modalities. You want to attend a school with courses delivered to build up your resume to catch the eye of potential employers. All schools teach Swedish Circulatory Massage and some go a step beyond with deep tissue.

Bellus Academy teaches integrated deep tissue therapy, where other schools do standard. Therapy at Bellus uses a multi tier approach toward deep tissue massage. It starts with Swedish, then goes into frictional movement, followed by myofascial release and finally the delivery of deep tissue. The preparatory moves loosen up client muscles and tissue, so there is no pain reaction when pressure is delivered. The next stage looks at and addresses the trigger points.

Take a look at some of the modalities and practices Bellus Academy offers:

Swedish circular massage

Chair massage

Myofascial release

Proprioceptive neuro muscular facilitation/ muscle energy techniques

Postural evaluations and gait evaluations

Range of motion exercised and Trager method

Craniosacral therapy

Manual lymphatic drainage

Temperature therapies – thermotherapy-heat applications and cryotherapy – ice applications

Vichy shower

Respiratory massage

Pre-perinatal massage

Focused abdominal massage

Integrated deep tissue therapy

Spa modalities: spa massage, stone massage, reflexology, exfoliations, and mud wraps,

7 different types of athletic and sports massage

Shiatsu massage


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