Make-Up State of Mind at Bellus Academy

Are you a make-up artistry student or alumni?

Do you want to stay connected to the industry and continue to learn new skills?

Bellus Academy is rolling out Make-Up State of Mind, giving students and alumni an opportunity for continued education online. Learn about this amazing program started by Kristina-Monique Cortez and Sonia Tabor.

The History

MU State of Mind was created when Kristina and Sonia saw a need for a program to keep students connected to Bellus Academy. It is important to keep students and alumni connected to the industry while they head out into the field and become busy working. Kristina and Sonia wanted a new program to give students the opportunity to continuously grow. MU State of Mind works to be the connections for the disconnections of the generations.

 The Details

The Make-Up State of Mind program is for make-up alumni and present make-up students. For $125, you receive a one-year subscription, which includes a membership to The Powder Group. The program is also available in Spanish!

 The Benefits

As a part of the program, you have access to magazines with the latest news, innovations, summits, classes, and you obtain a great sense of how to be connected with make-up artists all around the world. This project helps to solidify students in the make-up industry and certifies them as members in the make-up family. It holds you up in the industry and gets you involved.

Involvement in this program can be seen as more valuable than having a business card, as it shows you taking an extra step in the world. The Powder Group does not partner up with just anyone, so a Bellus Academy student in this program stands out among the rest. The program will help you to become better known and provides constant education and access to exclusive events.

Kristina and Sonia are constantly seeing growth in this generation of make-up artists and students and watching them continue to learn from different avenues. YouTube is a great place to learn from other artists, so MU State of Mind aims to help students and alumni find which artists have the best techniques and skills to share. They can help make those connections to the right artists.

The love of the industry Kristina and Sonia have inspires them to continue to bring it back to education. With this program, Bellus alumni are given the opportunity to go back and watch videos, brush up on old skills, and pick up new ones.

The Passion

“MU State of Mind is “Where we bring the LOVE of MAKEUP ARTISTRY and the PASSION of EDUCATION together in our community”. We offer tutorials with an emphasis on the base of our student’s makeup education to keep them connected to the foundation of the art of makeup with current news, events and tutorials including guest artists.”

“We are the Connection to the Disconnection” between the generations of artists. As working artists we believe in having a full connection in continuing education and our vision is to keep our students and alumni connected as well. As educators in the makeup industry it is key to surround ourselves in a community that feeds our creativity, knowledge and passion with the fresh artists. We share our work in hope to support this community that we belong to. Follow our journey as we stay connected.

-MU State of Mind

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