Make-up Artistry with Haley Merriweather of Bellus Academy

March 15, 2014

Do you want to know where an education in Make-up Artistry can take you?

Ready to learn about the make-up industry?

Make-Up Artistry Educator, ­Haley Merriweather, dives into the possibilities and opportunities a Bellus Academy student has with a Make-up Artistry education. Learn how a Bellus Academy education sets students apart from the rest.

The Make-up Industry

Make-Up Artistry is a renewed concept with Bellus Academy. The way Bellus runs the program is different from traditional approaches in cosmetology schools, setting their students apart from the rest. They of course place a large amount of focus on the fundamentals of make-up; however, they also work to embrace the larger industry as much as possible for the students. Educators at Bellus strive to let the students see that it is not just about working behind a make-up counter. There are so many different opportunities and avenues to go into. From being an editorial artist, to a platform artist, to working in high fashion runway, the students have amazing potential careers.


Students in the make-up artistry program are involved with amazing programs that allow them to gain confidence, exposure, and practice. They are involved with programs such as Kansas City Fashion Week and they do monthly photo shoots for make-up artistry programs. Locally they have done work with GTM Sportswear, a clothing company for athletics.

The students play an active role in the Maybelline Kisses for the Troops program where they team up with local sororities to create postcards with lipstick kisses accompanied by well wishes and donations to the USO. The more they stay involved with the community by working events, the more they are able to keep up to date on the current trends.

Recently the students took part in a zombie play for a local theatre to help create zombie looks. Bellus also has been involved with teaming up with Kate Spade for many events including a Dancing with the Stars event! The make-up artistry students are continuously given many opportunities to promote themselves as young professionals with items to add to their portfolios.


Students become familiar and skilled with products they will be using in their future careers. They learn great technical skills with a variety of looks. Using products with rich and lasting wear to be applied dry or wet with different pigments and eye colors lets students explore their skills.

Bellus Academy students are exposed to MUD products and have been able to work with the HD Air Kit, which is suitable for all skin types. Students practice their make-up artistry with light wear products for bridal events, film, and TV, as well as highly pigmented make-up with long lasting wear that will not need as much touch up on a shoot.

The students are exposed to all types of make-up application such as everyday wear, bridal applications, editorial and high fashion, and special effects for the film industry and theatrics.


Bellus Academy students are getting real life experience before they go out into the work force. They find what they do and do not like and have an idea of where they want to go with their careers. Bellus Academy students and instructors inspire each other to continue the pursuit of their dreams, stay motivated, and keep learning.

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