How To Build the Perfect Beauty Instagram Account

Beauty Instagrammers have beautiful pages. That’s why we all love to follow them! Their pages feel so effortlessly perfect. How do they do it? There’s actually a lot of thought and planning that goes into posting like a beauty influencer. If you want to build the perfect beauty Instagram account we have some tips to help you get started!

What Should My Profile Look Like?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to what a profile should look like. If all beauty accounts looked the same they wouldn’t be any fun to look at! There are some things you should do to make sure your page looks nice and clean and attracts attention. The number one tip is to stay consistent. Pick similar backgrounds for your photos, keep colors and tones within the same palette, pose your subjects the same way or in the same trendy style. This allows your followers to see your posts in their news feeds and begin to recognize the posts as yours. One of our featured beauty influencers, Jade the Libra, is a great example of this. Her aesthetic is very unique and stays consistent throughout her posts and videos.

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How Do You Engage Your Followers?

Tell your story. Good engagement is all about closeness. You want your followers to get to know you on a personal level while also looking to you for beauty advice. This is how you get people to interact with your posts. Ask genuine questions. Be real in your posts and videos. Tell the story of the first time you did your makeup as a little girl. Show your daily outfit inspiration. Talk about where you get your makeup. People enjoy watching personalities and real stories. Make your page reflect your inner beauty. You will attract followers and engagement by being you. Our featured beauty influencer, Kandee Johnson, does a great job with this! She posts transformation pictures and personal stories that invite interaction. She keeps her posts lighthearted and relatable, true to her personality.

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How Do You Stand Out?

Anyone could decide to create a beauty Instagram. So how do you make yours stand out? To make your mark you need to bring unique content. It’s totally acceptable to get inspiration from your fellow beauty lovers, but you don’t want to copy what someone else is doing or saying. What is it that you love about beauty? What is unique about your style? What techniques do you use that have helped you? Don’t be afraid to share new techniques and new styles. Bring something new to the table. Our featured beauty influencer, Cat Martinez, did just this. She saw a need for more inclusive makeup tutorial videos. She filled that need by using American Sign Language in her videos.

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Where Should You Start?

Do you want to join the beauty influencer world and create your own trends? In order to get ahead of the trends you have to know the industry. Getting your beauty education is a great way to give yourself an edge over the competition. Here at Bellus Academy, we love to keep up to date with the latest beauty trends. We are always encouraging our students to get out there and make their mark on the beauty world! Contact us to learn more about our makeup artistry and cosmetology programs.

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