How the Cosmetology Industry is Changing

March 19, 2018

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Over the decades the cosmetology industry has changed drastically — especially when it comes to cosmetology careers. Back in the 1800/1900s, a career in cosmetics meant working behind a counter or a chair. Now, a career in cosmetics could take you all over the world filling so many different positions. The path you choose depends on you, your drive, and determination to perfect your skills.

A Look into the Past

The use of makeup and cosmetics is not a new idea. It’s been practiced well before any of us. Just look at the Egyptians! They used paint to “color their eyes”. The Romans followed suit and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Things jumped forward in the late 1800 and early 1900s. However, the way cosmetics were used was to show your state of class. Women that used light powder and deep reds were seen as upper class. The women that wore heavy makeup were looked down on and disrespected.

When it came to careers, you had three options in the cosmetics world. Working behind a chair, working behind a counter, and if you were lucky, working in front of a camera. The options were limited and didn’t have room for growth or any sign of progressing. Your state of class and color could stop you from even getting a job in cosmetics at all.

Changes Needed to be Made

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Things started to change during the ’60s and the ’70s. People from all across the country wanted better products and more job opportunities in the industry. A small thing to ask for, but was not easily given. So, people started taking things into their own hands.

During the early ’70s, it came to the point that trends were happening because of those that were bold enough to create them, new and better products for every class and every color were being worked on, and more jobs were becoming available. Finally, things were happening.

Jobs for the Industry

Slowly, jobs were becoming available in the cosmetic industry in the early ’80s! Jobs for both men and women! Jobs such as:

    • Magazine Stylist
    • Fashion Show Stylist
    • Cosmetic Line Owner
    • Beauty Magazine Writer & Editor

Today and the Future

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It’s no secret that things have changed immensely, and each day we celebrate that. You can still work behind a chair, a counter or in front of a camera. But, those aren’t the only three options of a career in cosmetics. “Here are some of the cosmetology careers that have popped up in the last few decades.

      • Salon Owner or Manager
      • Beauty Blogger
      • Cosmetic Line Owner
      • Cosmetic Chemist
      • Fashion Show Stylist
      • Art Director
      • Film Makeup Artist
      • Special Effects Artist
      • Cosmetology Educator/Instructor

Start Your Future Today

With hard work, passion, and determination, you could have any of these careers. Join those that create and help others embrace their beauties. Have your story in the history of change and celebration! There is always time to work towards your dream career. Start today by contacting us!

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