How an externship can help propel your career!

So you’re now attending your dream school and receiving the expert training to perfect your craft, what else is next? Here at Bellus we want to empower you and provide you with the resources and experiences to help propel your career forward.

Like all industries, beauty is ever evolving as new therapies, technologies and treatments evolve.  That’s why Bellus Academy partners with extern salons as an effort to continue exposing our students to experiences that will foster their development and industry knowledge. These externships are also supported by the learning that takes place at the professional beauty industry’s most prestigious shows and events including the ISSE Expo in Long Beach, Intercoiffure, and America’s Beauty Show.

Our California Bellus Academy locations partner with high-end salons in Southern California who invest in the future of their workforce and are committed to education. Our advanced cosmetology and esthetics students are then given the opportunity to interview with them for an extern position and if selected gain real industry experience once a week at the select salon for an 8 week time frame.

Various benefits an externship will offer:

  • Receiving constructive feedback from industry pros
  • Networking opportunities + relationship building
  • Exposure to new technology and processes
  • Opportunity to refine your communication skills
  • An insider’s look at the day to day of an artist living their dream job
  • Building the confidence and skills to kick off your OWN career

To learn more about our Extern Program and ensure that you meet the requirements to participate, please contact our Career Services department at any of our California locations!

To schedule time with our Admissions team and learn more about our school and program offerings, please Apply here!



If you are unable to participate in our extern program, you have plenty of other opportunities to immerse yourself and meet fellow industry professionals. We invite you to attend our upcoming 2nd annual “Artists United: A Creative Collective” event at Headlines the Salon in Encinitas on Sunday, July 14th at 6:30pm. Featured artists include the Bellus Pro Team, The Kingly Hair Group, Three Education, Varsity Education and Team Headlines. This event is complimentary and will include various raffles where attendees can win educational workshops, tools and so much more! DJ Susan will be providing the music and we will be offering complimentary drinks and food as well!

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