The Benefits of Our Barbering/Cosmetology Program

The best cosmetology programs combine theoretical instruction and real-life experience to prepare you for the challenges of work in the beauty industry. For many students, that means specializing in women’s hairstyling or pursuing a career in barbering. But if you want to keep your options open and maximize your client base, a dual degree in barbering and cosmetology offers the best of both worlds. Here, we’ll explore some of the top benefits of entering the barbering/cosmetology program.

Diverse Skills for a Diverse Field

A dual license in barbering and cosmetology is an asset for anyone seeking work in the beauty industry, whether you’ll rent a booth, join an established salon, or start your own business. This comprehensive training makes you more attractive to employers, giving you a competitive edge during the hiring process. For entrepreneurs, it’s a great way to make your new venture as diversified as possible.

In our program, students learn hair coloring and cutting, shaving, and more, helping them master their craft. You’ll enjoy technical training that offers a more interactive, hands-on approach than textbook learning can provide. In addition to the fundamentals, you’ll learn the latest techniques and trends, making you a sought-after stylist no matter who you serve.

Students also have the opportunity to work on our salon floor, where you can practice the techniques you’ve learned on real clients. By the time you’re ready to achieve licensure and start your first job, you’ll have the knowledge, confidence, and experience needed to be a force in the field.

Business Knowledge

Anyone who works in cosmetology or barbering knows that there’s much more to the job than technical skills. That’s why our curriculum features entrepreneurial-based learning to help you gain insight into important business skills, financial literacy, and more. Students learn sales techniques, marketing, networking, decorum, and client record-keeping, ensuring they’re able to provide the latest styles and maintain a thriving business.

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Plenty of Resources

When you enroll in our program, you can expect a great education from knowledgeable instructors, but you’ll also receive several tools that are sure to help you develop your skills. Our student kit comes with several mannequin heads for you to practice on, dozens of styling and grooming accessories, detailed books, travel bags for storage, and so much more. You’ll even receive an iPad that you’ll use to connect with the class and teachers and view assignments via The Lab, our social learning platform.

After Graduation

Our program is designed to help students prepare for the profession from day one. You’ll be able to build a strong portfolio and get help creating a resume to show off your talents and dual degree. Eligible students may also pursue an externship, where you’ll gain invaluable experience, work side-by-side with industry professionals, and see what life is like for a busy cosmetology professional.

Once you’ve graduated, our career services department will work with you to help you find your way into the working world. With interview prep, state board prep, and partnerships with top spas and resorts, you’ll feel confident in your career choice.

Learn More about Our Barbering/Cosmetology Program

There is so much opportunity in the beauty industry, and growth is always expanding. If you’re ready to join this exciting field, the Bellus Academy barbering/cosmetology program is a great way to get the training you need with the broadest range of experience possible. To learn more, contact us to speak with an admissions counselor about enrollment at our Poway, Chula Vista, and Manhattan,KS Campus.
Text us at 858-375-6247 or Call us at 785-370-7004.

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