Cosmetology Job Requirements & Responsibilities

As an aspiring beautician, you’re likely wondering what cosmetology job requirements you’ll need to fulfill. At Bellus Academy, our Cosmetology and Cosmetology 102 programs provide students with more skills training than many of job openings require. Here, we’ll outline what these major requirements are and how our California and Kansas campuses can help you meet and even exceed them.

Common Cosmetology Job Requirements

All jobs require their employees to meet certain criteria. These requirements help hiring managers to ensure that oncoming staff will deliver their client services knowledgeably and precisely. Salons and spas are no exception to this rule, and cosmetologists are regularly expected to fulfill the following core requirements:

  • Earn a high school diploma or equivalent certification
  • Earn a certification from a recognized cosmetology school
  • Earn a state license
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business
  • Have a strong creative ability
  • Display dexterity and endurance

Once onboard, cosmetologists are expected to deliver a wide range of client services, including hair, skin, nail, and makeup work. To become skilled in each of these areas while also fulfilling the common cosmetology job requirements, students often turn to Bellus Academy’s Cosmetology programs.

Preparing Future Cosmetologists

At Bellus Academy, we train future cosmetologists just like you beyond the requirements of the state boards. Specifically, our curriculum devotes an extended period to each core cosmetology discipline, including hair cutting, coloring, and extension, skincare, nail care, and much more. Providing more than 1,000 total hours of training, graduates won’t only be prepared to ace the boards, but they’ll also have the technical expertise to earn a lucrative spot in a competitive salon or spa.

While working on our salon floor, students will earn this hands-on cosmetology experience. It’s here where they can begin developing their dexterity and finesse, as well as their physical endurance. Similarly, while communicating with their fellow students and mock clients, students can refine their customer service skills. This way, they’ll do less adjusting on their future work floor and be able to devote more focus to their craft.

Beyond Technical Skills

To be a successful cosmetologist, Bellus Academy knows that it takes more than just possessing technical skills. That’s why our Cosmetology curriculums cover key business skills, like management practices, insurance, and client records. They even cover state law, ensuring that our graduates can successfully navigate the business sphere while honing their cosmetology art as future cosmetologists.

Jumpstart Your Future Today

With the teachings gleaned from our Cosmetology programs, students can go on to become successful cosmetologists. For those looking to further refine their skills and boost their creative abilities, our Cosmetology 102 programs can help them do just that. These programs allow students to gain experience with the internationally-acclaimed brand Make-Up Designory (M.U.D), all while learning the art of bridal, theatrical, and airbrush makeup and more.

If you dream of becoming a skilled cosmetologist, Bellus Academy can help you make that vision a reality. With four campuses located across CA and KS, we make it convenient for students to earn a well-rounded education in a variety of program areas, including cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and more. To learn more about enrollment, contact a member of our admissions team today by calling 888-990-7094 or texting 858-375-6247.

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