Career Changers: School Teacher to Hairstylist

The cosmetology field offers a great opportunity to those who want to change careers. Whether you’ve been working for 3 years or 20, cosmetology can open your life up to variety and flexibility. Are you or were you a school teacher? Are you looking for a new career? Consider cosmetology!

Why School Teachers Would Make Great Stylists

You Continue Teaching

As a stylist, your responsibilities include teaching clients about products and hair care. You often teach a client how to style their new cut, how to take care of their color, or what products to buy and how to use them. You don’t have to give up the part of your job that includes teaching others!

You Continue Helping Others

Educators are compassionate. Compassion and empathy are important to clients at a hair salon. Your clients want to feel as though you understand them and can hear them out. As an educator, you probably feel rewarded when you help someone else. You can get a similar type of fulfillment from cosmetology. It really makes a difference in someone’s life when you change their appearance. In this profession, you can make an impact on people from all walks of life.

You Can Balance Your Work Life and Home Life

You’ve already been used to summers and evenings off, why sacrifice a flexible career? A career as a hairstylist can offer a schedule that is just as open. You can essentially work as much or as little as you want, and setting your own hours isn’t usually a big deal!

Want to Make a Change?

Make a change for yourself. If you truly feel that this is the industry for you, go for it! Here at Bellus Academy, we believe in changing lives. We believe in creating beautiful careers, and it all starts with an education! Check out our cosmetology program. We offer programs at all of our locations. Contact the nearest campus to you to find out how to get started at Bellus!

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