Bellus Alumni Feature: Stacie Hodges, The Encore Careerist

What was your career path before attending Bellus Academy?

I was a full-time mommy and homemaker for 10 years after my twin daughters were born. But before that, I held several titles in the orthodontic industry, from orthodontic assistant to treatment coordinator to office manager, and I also spent a few years in the travel industry, working as a flight attendant and a travel agent.

What prompted you to consider a career in beauty/skincare?

I have always loved the beauty industry. In fact, I enrolled in cosmetology school after I graduated high school in Florida. I ended up cutting my education short to marry my high school sweetheart and move to Illinois, where he was stationed in the Navy. Turns out it was a good decision as we just celebrated our 25th anniversary! But, I always had a desire to return to school one day to finish what I started.

How are you putting your education to work?

I help manage the practice’s business operations – from client contact and scheduling to events and promotions. I love interacting with our clients and seeing the results of their esthetic treatments, while focusing on the operational side of the business.

How did Bellus Academy prepare you for your role?

First, the comprehensive esthetics training I received has prepared me as an esthetician to talk knowledgeably with our clients about the different services our practice provides. But Bellus Academy also provided training about the business of beauty – developing clients, marketing, and other skills that support success.

What led you to your current position?

When I made the decision to get my esthetics license, I thought I wanted to work as an esthetician for a medical esthetics practice or a luxury spa. Upon receiving my license, I was initially hired as part of the Patient Care Team at Dermacare, then had an opportunity to assist in the education department at Bellus Academy in Poway for a few months, working with some of their top educators. During this time I realized that I really enjoy the operational/management side of the industry, and when a management position presented itself at Dermacare, I knew that this was where I want to be.

What surprised you about beauty school?

I think the thing that surprised me the most was the sheer number of different pathways one can take upon obtaining an esthetics license. For example, one of my classmates is working as a waxing specialist, another is working primarily with acne clients, another is a lash artist, and another is working as a product representative with Allergan. An esthetics license can open up so many different opportunities. And the first step is education. Even 25 years later.

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