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December 31, 2015

Cosmetology is a growing field and cosmetologists are reported to be some of the happiest workers.  With the increasing number of flexible scheduling options, there’s never been a better time to be a mom and become a licensed cosmetologist!  

It can be challenging to work toward new career goals when balancing work and family- add financial burden to the list and you have the reason most students decide not to enroll.

What may surprise you is that many grants are designed specifically for parents (young, single, etc…). These grants are designed to make education accessible to those struggling to attend due to financial and scheduling restrictions.

Unlike loans, grants don’t have to be repaid, and don’t depend on things such as credit score or debt-to-income ratio. The process to get a grant typically includes a simple application and letters of recommendation from prior supervisors, educators, and/or coworkers.

Federal grants, such as Pell Grants, only provide money for tuition and you can apply for this at any beauty college. Other grants may be used to cover the cost of expenses such as books, supplies, and housing.  

Why Bellus Academy IS the place to begin your Journey

At Bellus, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide helpful insight and solutions to our diverse student body. Bellus offers a constructive learning environment for all students, whether they attend full-time during the day, or participate in a part-time program while maintaining a job, a family, or both!

Our admissions officer can help you find the grants that are right for you and your particular situation. Financial resources for single parents are also available to supplement existing grants, scholarships and federal aid.  Click here to learn more about these available resources and schedule an appointment with an admissions representative today.

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