B.E. Creative: Week 4 Recap

March 16, 2017

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Week 4 Recap: Zoie McClouskey

Our second week of color was fabulous! The week started out strong with an awesome and inspiring Demo Night with Dj Muldoon and some of his team from theFactory. Getting to be in an environment that has such talent around all the time makes me feel so very fortunate to be a Bellus alum. I always feel so enlightened and excited to be part of such an incredible industry when I get to be so lucky to be around these people.

Once we got back to our classroom, we got right back into the world of creative color. Our next endeavor was tackling the popular trend of the “pixelated” style color. This is a trend I have obsessed over since it first came out. I’d always wonder how the heck they could make it look like that!

The actual application is simple enough, or so I thought! It was a challenge for me to have the outcome turn out how I wanted/expected. I’m a major perfectionist and this color application tested my self-criticism. It turned out alright for being my first time trying this technique, but it just wasn’t quite right.

This class is the perfect place to make mistakes and I was able to redo it until I liked it. Pixel Color might not be my strong suit just yet, but I’m so pumped that I learned how to do it so now I can really practice and make progress on perfecting the technique.

I was very excited to color my mullet haircut. Seeing as how the cut was so fun to do, I wanted to make it even cooler with a rad color placement. We decided it would be a fun challenge to be given two shapes and be only able to use those for our sectioning in our placement/subsections. Such a fun exercise!

My shapes were a half moon and a funky line pattern. I absolutely loved how my color turned out. I alternated different shades of emerald and teal. It was a blast using non-traditional  sections and seeing what could come of it.

This week of color was so much fun and I feel like I’ve expanded my knowledge and thought process on color application. Even though I don’t use the same brand of color at my salon, I still feel like I can 100% use these techniques in my every day at the salon. I’m super pumped for next week’s styling time! Peace, love and bobby pins!

Week 4 Recap: Nicole Green

This week was a fun mix of color as well as a haircutting demo. We were able to color the second set of doll-heads that we previously cut, which included the Mullet and the Firefly.

For the Mullet, we experimented with the Joico semi-permanent colors. Our instructor Todd made it a little more interesting by drawing a different shape on each of our mirrors. We were instructed to take that shape and base our sectioning off of it. I was given a smiley face and a half circle. I don’t do a lot of what people might call “Unicorn” or “Mermaid” hair using these creative fashion colors, so it was fun to play around with. I definitely realize there is a lot more that goes in to this type of color and I learned that like with any other color line, the saturation is very, very important.

For our Firefly haircut, Todd showed us how to do a form of pixelated hair color. Let’s just say I definitely need a little practice with this! This day definitely reminded me to remember that we can’t be perfect at something on the first try. It will always take practice, continuing education, passion and dedication. Since I was not happy about the color, I decided to cut a strong outline and fringe on this particular doll head to keep it interesting. I actually kind of like the way it turned out in the end.

On Tuesday night of last week we were lucky to have Dj Muldoon and theFactory team give us a demo. They are always so inspiring to watch and quite entertaining. Their work is some of the best in our industry and I always take something new away from any of their demos that I have gone to.

Last but not least, I colored one of my fellow student’s hair. Her hair was suffering from being over-processed and had a ton of different colors fading out, so we decided to take her to a rich red color with Wella Color touch and it turned out beautiful on her! It was a nice change to be working on a human rather than a doll head!

This was definitely one of the best weeks yet, and I can’t wait to get in to our styling week this week!

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