B.E. Creative: Week 3 Recap

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Week 3 Recap: Zoie McClouskey

It was an exciting week, getting to accentuate our haircuts and really make them come alive with some color. I always considered myself to have more of a haircutter brain, so when I do color, I always try to make sure it builds my haircut. If I’m going to draw the picture, I want to color it in accordingly. I was so excited to play around with different techniques and get away from the typical sectioning/ foil patterns I do daily at the salon.

We did a lot of cool placement when coloring our first doll and I loved the movement created with that application. I have a lot of fun playing with similar tones and pops of color to make things a little more interesting. I really get into creating dimension to give depth and something different when I do color.

Our second color application was probably my favorite because the cut was my favorite from the previous week, so I was super hyped to put some depth to it and really accentuate the cut. I’m so happy with how it turned out, playing with gradients of greys and silvery tones.

I tweaked the sectioning slightly to customize it for my haircut, as I took a slightly different route for my fringe. I wanted to really make sure it glorified the strongest part of the cut, which was the fringe area. I’m glad I went with my gut and shifed the section accordingly!

Such a successful and inspiring week, I can’t wait for next week, getting to finish up our last two cuts with some fresh, fun color.

Week 3 Recap: Nicole Green

In the third week of B.E. Creative we started color. I currently work in an area that is along the coast and often get asked for a lot of the same type of color. I enjoy what I do and make a living doing it, but I forgot how fun it is to do creative color as well.

We practiced foiling, which is always good for any stylist old or new. Even though balayage and freehand color have become very popular, I truly believe that foiling is still a super important skill to have as a hairstylist. We incorporated creative color and foiling on the first doll head and on the second doll head we used Wella Color ID ,which is a product that allows you to color foil free without the colors bleeding in to each other.

Because I do so much more freehand color and not as much creative color and foiling, it had been a while since I had done a ton of creative color formulating.

My first dollhead definitely displays my rusty skills when it comes to formulating a tasteful combination of colors and I was not happy with my result at all. I took a little more time with the second one and took in to account the rules that we learned from the very first color theory class at Bellus and the result was much more suitable and satisfying.

One thing I definitely took away from this week is anything hairstylist-related comes with time, experience and continuing education. Our craft is like a practice and we should always be practicing and striving to learn more and be better. This week reminded me that it is so important to continue education and even refresh on the basics because as we have always been taught that if you don’t use it, you lose it.

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