B.E. Creative: Week 1 Recap

February 22, 2017

B.E. Creative Class

Our cosmetology program is one of our most popular programs at Bellus Academy, and we set ourselves apart with advanced training opportunities for our students. Bellus set out to “up” the industry standard by ensuring our graduates have courses to help them grow and land the jobs they really want.

That’s why we developed B.E. Creative – an advanced cut and color class that’s an additional 150 hours for those who have completed our 1600 hour cosmetology program.

B.E. Creative can be taken as a standalone program if you’re already licensed or in conjunction with Cosmetology (as Cosmetology 103) or Cosmetology and Make-up Artistry (Cosmetology 104). The program is 4 weeks in the day or 6 weeks at night.

If you’re interested in taking B.E. Creative, please call 888-990-7094.

To give you insight into what this class covers and what it’s like behind closed doors, for the first time ever we’re getting our current students’ take on the program. They’ll share photos and stories of their experiences, week by week in their 6-week night class, to give you an inside look into B.E. Creative.

Week 1 Recap: Zoie McClouskey

Monday evening comes around, and after a long day of a hands-on class with Matt Hom, I step back into my former Bellus stomping grounds in the classroom. In this new adventure of B.E. Creative, I couldn’t have been more excited to be back and getting to make cool hair with my buddy Todd!

When I was in cosmetology school, I had taken the Advanced Academy in addition to my cosmetology course. Still being a student and taking the course was fantastic, however, now as a working hair designer and educator in my salon, I was so thrilled to take on this course with fresh eyes and more experience.

This week we started with the haircutting portion of the course. Throughout the week, doing a number of different techniques and combinations of techniques was very enlightening. I consider myself to be “creative” when it comes to haircutting, and I have always wanted to avoid becoming a “cookie- cutter” type of stylist, and upon trying different techniques, I already feel I have new tools for my arsenal.

I adore everything hair, but I definitely get in my happy place when I’m spending my time cutting locks.

We put together different graduation techniques, that I haven’t ever thought to use, and combined different layering and refinement techniques. It’s always refreshing to see something done in a new way that might fit better than how you’ve done it in the past.

The highlight of my week, I’d have to say, was creating a fun, graduated cut with customized disconnected bits around the fringe and through the interior. I absolutely love adding my personal flair to my hair cuts and getting to practice refining techniques to master. That was absolutely a blast for me!

Toward the end of the week, I did hit a wall. I am a major perfectionist and always want to execute my best work. The last haircut of the week tested my patience. If I know one thing about myself, it’s that I  have very little patience with myself and need to learn how to be OK with not nailing something on the first try.

With hair there are so many variables, and honing in on mastering them takes time. In all, the week left me with plenty of new ideas and inspiration. I’ve already been able to apply some of the new techniques behind the chair on a daily basis. I cannot wait to see what next week brings!

Week 1 Recap: Nicole Greer

I recently returned to my old school Bellus Academy to attend the B.E. Creative program and we’ve just finished week 1. So far the experience has been incredibly educational and super fun! We completed two creative haircuts lead by our instructor Todd Da Silva. I was not sure what to expect going into this experience as an alumni, but I have to say that I am so glad I’m doing this.

I did the program similar to this one as a student and was able to advance in so many ways that had me leaving Bellus into the real world with a lot more confidence than I could’ve ever imagined. This time around the experience feels very different, in a good way. I remember when I left Bellus, all I wanted to do was go back.  I thought to myself, I wish I would’ve asked more questions or I wish I had that insructor next to me right now.

Going back and taking BE Creative as an alumni, I now have the chance to ask more questions and get more guidance while improving even more on my skill set.

Now having more knowledge after working in a salon, the techniques are translating better and making so much more sense. Not only having more experience am I able to get things down faster, which allows more room for creativity, but I am enjoying each moment so much more!

I am so passionate about this industry and am so lucky to be given the chance to work with such passionate instructors as the ones we have at Bellus Academy.  They are the best in the industry and I can’t wait to see what the weeks ahead have to offer!

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