5 Ways to Make Your Bellus Academy Bloom Profile Stand Out

February 6, 2014

Are you looking to stand out in the beauty industry?

Do you want to find ways to share your work with the community?

Bellus Academy’s Brittany Novak explores the trends, portfolios, and potential ways to utilize a Bloom profile to make your work known in the community.

Learn about the top ways to make your Bloom profile stand out in the beauty and wellness world.

Post All Pictures

A Bloom account is included in the beauty kit Bellus Academy students receive. On Bloom you have the ability to upload a virtual resume and portfolio to build your profile.

As a Bellus Academy student, you are given training on how to use Bloom and encouraged to post all pictures of your work. One of the best practices for Bellus students on social media is to post your photos on every social media outlet because everything is on the internet these days.

Students looking for work can go to a salon and show their personal Bloom page with their photography and examples of the services they offer. It is a great avenue to show current and potential clients what you are capable of doing and what your style is.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a key tool in branding yourself through all of your social media platforms. If someone searches #bellusacademy, you want your work to be found.

Students are also encouraged to tag and use official hashtags of affiliated associations such as Wella and Sebastian. Social media is one of the biggest platforms for networking out there, as salons and clients are able to see student work.

The Bloom website is a wonderful source for discovery and inspiration for everything from cuts, to colors, to styles. Students can utilize various hashtags on Bloom such as #bellusacademy, #wellalife, #sebastianpro, #wellaeducation, #sebastianwna, etc.

Students have been reposted by these brands in the past, which is great exposure for them. Then they share on social media that their images got reposted and they become more and more known in the industry.

Share Your Bloom Link

Students are often their own worst critics and hesitate to completely fill out their full Bloom profiles. Showing off your skill sets on Bloom helps you get noticed and gain confidence to put yourself out there. Students are encouraged to post their Bloom links in about me sections on Instagram, Twitter, and other social pages.

Students can get featured on Bloom for great exposure and increased credibility in their field. Bellus Academy creates it’s own featured student profile and highlights the top five students on Bloom. This is a great way to encourage students to build up their profiles and strive to make a statement with their portfolios.

Know How to Properly Take Photos

It is important to know how to properly take a picture. The subjects in the photos need to be standing up and facing the camera against a blank wall. The camera should not be too close so the entire style can be seen. Take photos from every angle and be sure to be in good lighting. It is important to watch how much filter usage goes into the photo because the coloring of the hair should look as accurate as possible.

Know the Trends

Using Bloom is a great resource to discover the trends for 2014. It is good for students to stay on top of the trends and know what the hot products are. Always be looking at what the featured trends, hashtags, and boards are all about.

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