5 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

April 11, 2017

It’s that time of year again: wedding season! If you’re going to be a lucky bride this summer, there are so many things you should be doing to prepare. Dress hunting, choosing a caterer, finding a venue, ordering flowers, there is almost too much to be done. While it might be tempting to get your hair color just right or your eyebrows waxed perfectly, we’re here to tell you to avoid doing anything crazy before the big day. Here are 5 beauty mistakes you don’t want to make right before your wedding.

Dyeing Your Hair

As with any other major hair change, you never know if you’re going to be 100% in love with the change. Don’t make an appointment for a dye job even a month ahead of your wedding date. If the color doesn’t turn out quite right, you’ll be looking back at your pictures and cringing. If you do love the color, there is a chance it will change before you have a chance to snap the pics and say, ‘I do’.

Cutting Your Hair

This is especially important to avoid if you’ve already been to a stylist and set your wedding look. Changing last minute not only causes you stress, but it causes stress on your stylist, too. Like hair color, you may instantly regret what you’ve done. Don’t regret how you look on the biggest day of your life.

Tattooed Brows/Microbladed Brows

We know, permanent cosmetics are all the rage! But don’t schedule any permanent procedures too close to the day. Months away might be fine, but the healing process usually takes quite a while, and you don’t want to be left looking like you filled in your brows a bit too heavily.

Waxing Your Brows

We’re not saying you should leave the caterpillars untamed, we’re just saying make sure that your wax appointment isn’t the day before or day of. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, waxing specialists aren’t perfect. There is a chance your shape will be a bit different than appointments before, and remember: waxing does leave your skin irritated for just a while after. Get your brows waxed a week before, tweeze them into shape if necessary before your wedding, and practice filling them in if you need to.

Trying a New Treatment

Now is not the time to experiment with new treatments. Discuss with your stylist or esthetician what treatments have what side effects. You may not be aware of an allergy you have to a facial or scrub. Red, irritated skin really isn’t flattering on anyone.

Things You Should Be Doing

Making Your Hairstyling and Makeup Appointments

If you’re getting your hair and makeup done professionally or at a school, make sure to go in a few weeks before for a trial run. You’ll want to OK your look before you get there the day of. This can allow you to make changes, and you can even use this day to get ready for your bridal pictures.

Talking to Your Esthetician or Stylist

Stylists and estheticians are pros at what they do. If you’re looking to try a new keratin treatment or you’re switching skin care products, consult them first. They may be able to tell you what the effects will be, or if it will interact with a treatment you’ve already had. Peace of mind will make your planning less stressful.

Getting a Manicure or Pedicure

Luckily, nail polish is removable if you decide you don’t like the color. Take a day with your gal pals and relax with a mani-pedi. Bellus Academy offers manicures and pedicures in our student salons*. Call for an appointment, or drop in and chat with us!

Do you have any wedding day hair or skin horror stories? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

*All serviced performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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