10 Things to Know Before Your Next Trip to the Barber

January 16, 2014

Are you looking to get a new hairstyle?

Are you getting the most out of your visits to the barber?

There is a lot of detail that goes into each and every haircut at the barber. Bellus Academy Cosmetology Educator, Manny SanMartin dives into questions, concerns, and tips for men whether on their way to get a trim or a whole new style.

Find out Manny SanMartin’s top 10 things to know about your haircut before your next trip to the barber!

1) Hairlines can be natural, tapered, or hard.
The natural hairline looks softer and more worn-in. The tapered cut is shorter at the hairline and gets longer at the top for a leaner look.  The hard cut has a stronger, more defined line.

2) What is trending?
Side parts in men’s hair are very big right now. Not everyone has a natural part but it can be created with any hair.

3) Scissor cut or clipper cut?
The clipper cut looks stronger and is more rigid. The scissor cut is more tailored and lays closer to the head. Scissor cuts take longer and are more expensive but the grow out lasts longer. With a clipper cut, you have to return more frequently.

4) Style inspiration
Men often come in with photos via Instagram the way that women come in with magazines. Instagram has become a great source for men’s hairstyles and barber inspiration. A good barber will be able to tailor the style to meet the needs of your hair type and texture.

5) Trust your barber
A good practice for heading to the barber is having a conversation early on about the goals for your hair and your limitations. Then you need to trust that the barber will create a look that works for you and your needs. The more you build a relationship with your barber the better!

6) You get what you pay for
Every so often it is good to treat yourself to a nice haircut at least to feel the difference and experience a proper cut.

7) How long until the next cut?
About six weeks in between haircuts is a good amount of time. The hairline is usually what makes people go back for a cleanup, but the rest of the hair could be fine for another two weeks.

8) Unique hairlines
Hairlines are like fingerprints, and every one is unique with different growth patterns. The nape of the neck is one of the most challenging growth patterns. There is no one size fits all care for hairlines. The scissor cut gives ability to tailor the cut and allows barbers to work with challenges like scars and cowlicks.

9) Dealing with hair loss
Cutting thinned out hair shorter will streamline it to the head. Trying to keep it longer makes it looks weak and stringy, bringing more attention to it. The best thing to do is try to embrace it!

10) Beyond the haircut
Don’t be afraid to get your eyebrows trimmed. As men age they often see increased hair growth around the eyebrows, noise, and ears. A grooming service is very subtle but appreciated. After a cut, a warm towel facial and a warm water rinse are nice ways to get rid of all of the extra little hairs. Hot shaves are also coming back in popularity for men’s grooming.

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