Why the Barbering Industry Is Growing in Popularity

Barbers have been a necessity for decades. In nearly every town across the country, you’ll find skilled barbers at work, keeping people in their communities looking and feeling their best. This profession has grown in recent years, with an increasing supply of clients and the need for more talented barbers.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a barber, Bellus Academy helps people in Poway and Chula Vista, CA, as well as Manhattan, KS, obtain the barber training they need to pursue this creative career. Let’s explore barbering and what you can expect to learn in our programs.

What Is Barbering?

Barbering has been around for hundreds of years. While the tools and tricks of the trade have evolved, many barber shops around the country pay homage to their predecessors, offering atmospheres that mimic those of the past. You’ll often find the barber shop poles, traditional barber attire, and other aesthetics of today’s shops give a nod to those that came before.

Barbers take on many duties and can tackle a wide variety of jobs each day. Aside from providing high-quality haircuts, barbers are tasked with working on the scalp as well as beards, mustaches, and other facial hair. They cut, trim, groom, taper, and shape hair to meet their clients’ needs. They’ll need to be experts at using scissors, razors, combs, clippers, and more, and they must be precise while working at a steady pace.

Moreover, barbers should be educated in the sanitary practices of the trade and understand the precautions necessary to keep themselves and their clients safe. Additionally, they are required to acquire a license from the state where they’ll practice.

Why Is Barbering Becoming More Popular?

While barbering has long been a staple in most communities, in recent years the profession has been on the rise. As the population increases, more people need professional cuts. There are many other reasons for the increased interest in the profession, including:

An Increase in Male Grooming

In years past, men didn’t show as much interest in grooming and style as they do these days. Every client has their own style and look, and male grooming is a larger industry now than it once was. Top barbers meet the special needs of each client, helping clients feel their best. This allows barbers to feel a sense of pride in their work.

Social Media

As social media’s popularity continues to increase, these different platforms allow clients and barbers to showcase new and exciting hairstyles. From popular trends to celebrities posting photos or videos of their new haircuts, it’s hard to ignore the influence that social media has on society. Users can show off their new styles, and barbers can showcase their abilities for the world to see. This has gotten a lot of eyes on the profession and generated some buzz.

The Love of Personalization

Unlike buying clothes off the rack, a haircut is uniquely yours. Barbers can create art, with each client as a new canvas on which to work. Each client offers something new. From hair colors and styles to thicknesses and lengths, barbers get to explore new ideas every day, all while making a difference in the lives of their clients.

Our Programs

Bellus Academy offers different barbering programs to choose from. Barbering Foundation focuses on hair analysis, styling, cutting, and many other core concepts and techniques you’ll need to know. Students will also learn about safety concepts, state laws and regulations, and even fundamental business knowledge for running their own shop.

Advanced Barbering is a 1,500-hour program that offers additional lessons dealing with hair coloring and bleaching, men’s non-surgical hair replacement, and more. With either program, students will receive an iPad on which many of the learning sessions will take place. We’ll help you develop a portfolio, and you can even join national competitions to showcase your skills.

Our Barbering Cosmetology program (available only at our Poway and Chula Vista, CA, campuses) is designed to prepare students for Barbering and Cosmetology state license exams. This 1,800-hour program provides students with extensive training in a variety of techniques.

Choose Our Barber School Today

Bellus Academy has award-winning instructors who have helped create award-winning students from across the country. Our barbering programs focus not only on the techniques that will help you excel in the industry but also provide intricate knowledge of the business side of the profession. We offer the latest tools and provide students with equipment kits to help them get started.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify and helps in reducing the out-of-pocket costs for your education. We offer financial aid to qualified students at our four campuses, located in Chula Vista, El Cajon, and Poway, CA, and Manhattan, KS.  If you have questions about any of our programs or are interested in finding your career path, call us at 888-990-7094 or apply today.

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