Transform Your Future: Bellus Academy’s Programs Pave the Way for Success as a Beauty Entrepreneur

While National Entrepreneurship Month is observed in November, start-up success knows no season. The business of beauty, wellness and self-care offers many opportunities. Learn how to blend meaningful work with an attractive income and life-work balance. Below, we look at how becoming a licensed barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail professional. Keep reading to learn how to be on a beautiful path of becoming a beauty entrepreneur.

Beauty Entrepreneur: A license to style, lead, and succeed with Cosmetology

Ever wondered how earning a cosmetology license could change your future? Beyond providing you with the credentials to cut, color and style hair in a salon or spa, a cosmetology license can open career paths. This could mean working as a brand ambassador, beauty and wellness educator or behind the scenes in fashion, editorial and entertainment environments. You might even decide to put your business savvy to work and open your own salon and spa.

While states establish minimum hours required to earn a license, it is important to view education as a holistic investment. This provides you with the technical skills  and business savvy for a lifetime of career success. What should a basic cosmetology program provide? Bellus Academy is an award-winning beauty and wellness academy with locations in California and Kansas. Especially, we combine a robust curriculum with an experienced faculty and an award-winning student salon that has earned national honors.

Here’s a glimpse into what students at Bellus Academy learn in the basic cosmetology program.

With an investment of just 1,000 hours, the basic cosmetology program provides a robust  curriculum that includes “core” beauty fundamentals. This includes  hair, skin, and nails. Students are taught the principles and techniques of thermal styling, chemical waving and straightening, foundation hair coloring and haircutting. The program also teaches students how to perform facials and brow shaping, hair removal, lash lift services, basic make-up, manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements. And respecting the importance of maintaining a safety culture, the program covers sanitation and hygiene best practices along with relevant state laws.

Beauty Entrepreneur in Cosmetology starts with the correct curriculum.

Cosmetology curriculum covers theoretical and hands-on training, focusing on hair coloring and cutting in a student salon where students gain the skills and confidence to step behind the chair at elite salons.  Technical training is coupled with business instruction that cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset. Students learn networking skills, the basics of digital marketing, the fundamentals of branding, retailing, client retention, and financial management — all tools for success.

Additionally, blending technology with social learning, the course  includes an iPad. Throughout their learning journey, students are challenged to compete in (and often win!) national competitions, and network with professionals representing top salons and resorts. Always, the educators serve as mentors and champions, drawing on their success in the industry to guide each student’s journey. Learn more about the Bellus Academy cosmetology course offerings here.

Curating craft and community with barbering

Furthermore, community, conversation, and curated cuts are all found at the barbershop. Indeed, as the men’s grooming business continues to grow, a barbering license opens the door to careers that include platform artist, educator, brand ambassador and business owner. But as with all professions, the first step is education. Here’s a look at the barbering program offered by top educators at Bellus Academy.

Emphatically, the Barbering Foundation program combines theory with hands-on learning. Curriculum topics include a study of different hair types, styling, cutting, permanent waving, chemical straightening, and hair coloring. Students learn the basics of mastering the barbering cut, including shear and clipper cutting techniques. Skin and facial hair are also covered as the program includes men’s facials, beard design, and shave services.

Accordingly, safety culture is essential in barbering, so students learn how to comply with health and safety regulations, including sanitation and disinfection. The course also covers basic anatomy and physiology concepts that apply to barbering.

Delivering business skills that help students hit the ground running, Bellus Academy’s barbering program includes  online marketing, brand development, client retention strategies, and tax information. Eligible students may also participate in externships with barbershops and gain practical experience in community service outreach.

Barbering competitions provide an opportunity to network with established barbers while enhancing skills. Bellus Academy encourages students to participate in competitions and regularly invites master barbers into classrooms to encourage and inspire the next generation of barbers.

Certainly, technology also plays a role. The Bellus Academy program includes an iPad that complements the curriculum and makes it easy for students to stay connected in real-time with emerging trends and techniques in the barber-sphere.  Learn more about barbering opportunities at Bellus Academy here.

Soothing the skin and the soul with esthetics

Also, licensed estheticians help their clients feel good in their own skin – and help make that skin even better. The foundational esthetics program at Bellus Academy covers skincare analysis, facial treatments, hair removal techniques and makeup application. Students discover how to properly determine and apply treatments and modalities for various skin types and conditions.

Esthetic students cultivate their practical and customer service skills working in a student spa under the supervision of a licensed instructor with a focus on technical skills, professionalism and business ethics. The program includes an iPad, blending a robust curriculum with a social learning experience. Learn more about Bellus Academy esthetic programs here.

Applying art at finger-tip scale as a nail technician

Going beyond manicuring basics, the Bellus Nail Technician program offers instruction on treatments and services  luxury nail salons and spas demand. Students receive hands-on training to confidently provide nail services including acrylics and gel nails, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Coursework includes safety education to support best practices in sanitation and hygiene and comply with  relevant state laws.

Lastly, it has been said that you’re judged by the company you keep and Bellus Academy has joined forces with OPI, an industry trailblazer that forever fused nail design with couture fashion. Alliances with industry leaders keep students at the forefront of emerging techniques and trends. Learn more about Bellus Academy’s nail technology program here.

Finally, if you’re seeking a career path as a beauty entrepreneur, careers in beauty offer many possibilities. Kick start your route to becoming a beauty-preneur and speak with a Bellus Academy career advisor today about programs.

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