4 Skills Every Great Cosmetologist Should Have

If you’ve always been passionate about hair and beauty, now’s the best time for you to pursue your passion. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the overall employment for cosmetologists, barbers, and hairstylists will rise by 19% by 2030, and about 85,300 jobs will open up in these fields every year. So, to ensure that you make the cut, here are the skills you’ll need to be a great cosmetologist:

Technical Expertise

A cosmetologist’s mastery of techniques will set them apart from other professionals. Our article on becoming a makeup artist for TV emphasized that this highly desired position can only be earned if you have gained substantial experience in cosmetology. After all, you’re more likely to understand a client’s vision if you have a diverse skillset and a portfolio to prove it. With the right technical knowledge, you’ll be able to assess an individual’s facial structure and implement the appropriate procedures to deliver outstanding results. More importantly, expert cosmetologists know how to keep their clients safe during the process. Certain cosmetology tools and products can be harmful in the hands of an inexperienced individual, but experts follow the right protocols for a safe and effective procedure.

Product Knowledge

Most products seem similar to the general public, but cosmetology professionals can decipher the nuances in their effects, textures, and color payoffs. This allows professionals to choose the best product for their desired outcome. For instance, experts know the difference between subtle makeup products, like eyebrow makeup. Tinted brow gels are better for grooming eyebrows into a fuller and fluffier appearance. This product coats eyebrows with tint and cellulose fibers to create a more flattering and youthful look. On the other hand, clients with sparse eyebrows will benefit from eyebrow pencils. They can be used to draw hair-like strokes to help fill in gaps and redefine brow arches. Overall, cosmetologists can produce the exact effect they want through both technical expertise and extensive product knowledge.

Trend Awareness

Fashion fads come and go, but great cosmetologists know all the most prominent beauty trends from both the past and present. As an example, the wet hair look was the dominant hair trend in the London Fashion Week S/S 2022. This is as opposed to last year, where neat buns and short bobs were all the rage. If anything, this only goes to shows how quickly the fashion industry changes. But regardless of whether these trends are in hair, makeup, or general fashion, cosmetologists need to be aware of them. This ensures they can provide clients with the look they want as a deep knowledge of such trends serves as a guide when styling a client. Though aside from simply knowing trends, cosmetologists are also always on the lookout for the next best fashion craze. This gives them further insight into the world of fashion and keeps them updated on what’s “in.”

Communication Skills

Cosmetologists also need to master important soft skills, such as communication skills. If you’re working one-on-one with a client, this will help you understand their personal style preferences and unique needs. After all, cosmetologists need to prioritize creating the outcome that their clients wish to have. On top of that, many clients like to chat with cosmetologists as they’re getting their hair, makeup, and nails done. Thus, having good communication skills will help deliver a positive customer experience. Additionally, communication skills are essential if a cosmetologist works with a complete styling team. This ensures that each professional can work alongside and cooperate with others in creating a harmonious look.

Professional cosmetologists have to be skilled in executing techniques, identifying products, following trends, and communicating with clients or coworkers. These are baseline skills required in a competent cosmetologist. If you’d like to master these skills, start by enrolling yourself in our barber/cosmetology program. This program will give you a competitive edge by teaching cosmetology skills, soft skills, and even business skills for the ever-changing fashion industry.

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Article specially written for bellusacademy.edu
By Alice Michaels

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