Bellus Academy Educator Awarded Prestigious Scholarship

November 17, 2014

Bellus Academy is overjoyed to announce that educator and Cosmetology Curriculum Manager, Lindsey Washbourne, was granted the prestigious “Advanced Scholarship Award” from the Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Scholarship Program on behalf of The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation in conjunction with Wella’s Hairdressers at Heart. The award includes a five day course at a Sassoon Academy in North America including travel, lodging and course fees!

Let’s hear what Lindsey has to say about her experience and this colossal opportunity!

“Androgyny meets glamorous sophistication, blurring the lines of gender with shape and a juxtaposition clash of conflicting tone.”

I believe in the power of classic shape and technique creating unexpected yet suitable beauty. As someone who has personally battled with self-image and an introverted nature, the beauty industry has allowed me to step forward and find not only the unique beauty in others, but also in myself. I’m still surprised at the woman I’ve been able to become.

Competition work is unlike anything you’ll ever create in the salon, working behind the chair. Hours of conceptualization and planning happen before you even attempt to get your hands in hair. Once you begin to bring your concept to life, staying flexible and open minded is a must! Expect the unexpected and don’t have your heart set on one look. I try to plan my look around my model as opposed to trying to squeeze my model into a look. I find this creates the most organic, fluid result and allows you to roll with obstacles as they come. Consider the silhouette, lighting, wardrobe, body proportions and two-dimensional angle of the shot you will ultimately end up with. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” The only way to be recognized is to take risks, which requires an insane amount of vulnerability. You’re going to experience more disappointments than successes, but the satisfaction of success outweighs, always.

Becoming an educator was never a part of my plan, but my passion for hair and design forced me to be part of a bigger picture. My ultimate goal is to play an integral role in elevating the standards and perception of our industry. Hairdressing is no longer the legacy of the ‘beauty school dropout’; it is an intelligent, challenging, ever changing craft that deserves much more respect than it is traditionally given. Mastering technique and design allows our creativity to flourish at its best. The only way is through not just continued, but quality education – not only for newcomers, but for current industry professionals. Continued education is at the core of all of my career goals. Mastering the craft is key.

Lindsey Washbourne
​Cosmetology Curriculum Manager, Bellus Academy
Design Team & Master Colorist, Wella Professional

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