Featured Beauty Influencer: Nyma Tang

The natural beauty trend is bringing us more and more diversity in the beauty influencer world. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that makeup is readily available in the correct shade for every skin tone. Our next featured influencer, Nyma Tang, gained popularity by bringing awareness to the lack of inclusion for the extreme sides of the skin tone spectrum. She is setting industry standards for women of color in the makeup industry.

This Month’s Featured Influencer: Nyma Tang

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Where Nyma’s At

Nyma currently lives in Dallas, Texas. Originally she is from South Sudan and proud of it! Recently Nyma was involved in the annual South Sudan Unite event where she gave a speech about empowering women.

What Nyma Does

Nyma uses platforms like Instagram and YouTube to bring awareness to the importance of inclusion in the makeup industry. Her reach is impressive with 126,000 followers on Instagram and 659,000 YouTube subscribers. Her YouTube series “The Darkest Shade” quickly gained internet popularity by shedding light on the fact that it can be difficult for women of color to find makeup in their shade. Many of the videos in the series receive upwards of 1 million views, and one video boasts over 8 million views! In the series Nyma tries out the deepest shades of makeup from various popular brands on the market. If a company does happen to carry products that match her skin tone, it’s usually the darkest shade they carry.

Nyma posts other videos as well, including tutorials, hair and eyebrow tips, and beauty tips. Recently she had the opportunity to be a MAC influencer and create her own custom lipstick color! According to Nyma’s Instagram post she blended up her dream red hue. We are joining the rest of the internet in anticipation for this collaboration to release!

An Interview With Nyma

In an interview with Allure, Nyma explains why it’s important for women with skin tones on either end of the spectrum to make their presence known:

“Showing what the darkest shades look like on my skin tone is important because there aren’t a lot of people with my complexion in mainstream media or on YouTube… This struggle not only exists with the deeper side of the spectrum but also with the paler side, as well… I’m also trying to make people aware that there is a market for the extreme sides of the spectrum. Beauty should be inclusive, no matter your skin tone.”

We support Nyma in her cause, and are proud of the strides she’s taking to bring awareness to a part of the industry that she’s passionate about changing. Nyma is an inspiration to all of us in the beauty world. She exemplifies our academy values here at Bellus. We encourage our students to innovate (be the change), ignite (be the spark), and inspire (be the best).

Make Your Mark at Bellus

Do you dream of making your mark in the beauty world like Nyma? Here at Bellus Academy we encourage our students to set industry standards. Getting your education in cosmetology or make-up artistry is a great way to start your beauty career and get you on the path towards becoming a beauty influencer! We have multiple campuses in California as well as one in Manhattan, Kansas.

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