Featured Beauty Influencer: Kandee Johnson

The internet is a vast place full of exciting news, people and stories. Everyone and their mom is jumping on board to follow the hottest celebs, influencers, movers and shakers. It’s no wonder that social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram have 1.5 billion and 8 million users, respectively, as of 2017. According to GrowEpic, beauty/fitness is a top thriving industry for multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What does that mean for beauty gurus, lovers and mavens like the students at Bellus Academy? It means the internet is your playground, and you can imagine and create whatever world you want. You can achieve and succeed in an amazing future like you see influencers on the internet.

Bellus Academy wants to recognize a few of these amazing influencers that are out there making a name for themselves.

This Month’s Featured Influencer: Kandee Johnson

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Where Kandee’s At

Kandee is a proud L.A. native. Like many other influencers, she is out there in the big city creating her own future with a camera, makeup brushes and a fun and outgoing personality. Though she resides in sunny California, she is known worldwide due to her internet fame.

What Kandee Does

“OG of YouTube” is a title Kandee displays with pride on her Instagram profile. Kandee joined the YouTube community in January of 2009 and since then has garnered over 404 million views. Her channel currently has 3.9 million subscribers and she has 1.7 million followers on her Instagram.

Kandee describes her profile as the “happiest channel on YouTube”. She creates makeup transformations, shares beauty tips and even features the occasional hair how-to. Her flowery demeanor, sparkling voice and radiant beauty on top of all her talent keep subscribers coming back for more.

Kandee Offline and on the Big Screen

OK, so maybe she isn’t acting in blockbuster movies (though she has lent her voice to one!), but she did branch out from her online roots and made her way to TV screens. “Glam Masters” is a beauty competition series where aspiring beauty influencers compete in themed trails and challenges to be the best. Kandee joins a judges panel made up of celeb makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Marie Claire, Sr. Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and the highly successful Laverne Cox.

This competition is the perfect place for beauty bloggers to show off their stuff and prove that they’ve worked hard enough to be just as famous as any of the judges before them.

Sound interesting? You could be a part of the show. We’re just sayin’.

Kandee Went to Beauty School!

This famous YouTuber first started pursuing her love of beauty in beauty school. After completing school, she realized that doing hair was just not for her. Like many other cosmetologists, she chose to specialize! Her career in makeup artistry started when she landed her first job on VH1’s “I Love the 80’s”.

Put Your Best Brush Forward at Bellus

Want to learn how to do makeup and hair so you could one day be an influencer like Kandee? You could get your start at Bellus Academy! We offer makeup artistry and cosmetology programs at all of our California campuses!

Featured Beauty Influencer Series

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