Featured Beauty Influencer: Jade the Libra

April 30, 2018

Are influencers taking over? Beauty influencers rule almost the entire internet. As of 2016 (according to Statista), there were 5.3 million plus beauty related videos on YouTube. WWD reports that 86% of the top 200 videos were NOT made by beauty brands but instead by beauty bloggers and influencers. In fact, the Huffington Post (U.K.) created a story revolving around the fact that influencers seem to be more popular and powerful than traditional celebrities.

Does this mean that influencers, vloggers and bloggers will take over the entire world? Not likely. It does mean that these types of careers are going to be fruitful and prominent in coming years. What does this mean for people in the beauty industry? Potential. If you’ve got a knack for beauty and the skills to back it up, you could become one of the many that people consider an influencer!

Each month Bellus Academy wants to feature beauty gurus, mavens and influencers who inspire us to keep perfecting our skills so that we may one day rule the internet like they do.

This Month’s Featured Influencer: Jade the Libra

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Where Jade’s At

Jade is originally from Kansas City, KS. (Just an hour away from the Bellus Academy Manhattan campus!) She currently resides in KS, but she can be found promoting merch far and wide. She’s even been covered in a variety of blogs from a publication based in the U.K.

What Jade Does

You can join Jade’s thousands of followers @jadethelibra on Instagram and @JadeTheLibra on Twitter, but she mainly focuses on her base platform: YouTube. Jade The Libra’s Youtube channel has over 130,000 subscribers and almost 5,000,000 views! She covers everything from fashion to hair and makeup, all things inspired by her grudge-goth flair. While her channel is most popular around Halloween, Jade posts a new video almost every week, and they all share hacks for finding the cutest clothes, the darkest makeup or how to create the perfect black smokey eye.

An Interview With Jade

A U.K. based magazine interviewed Jade back in 2016 about her success as a beauty vlogger; you can read the full interview on Vanity Hype. They asked her:
Why did you start vlogging?

I don’t know why this is such a hard question for me to answer. I think because it’s a combination of so many things that were completely separate in my life that were brought together by vlogging. I’ve always been the type who needs a creative outlet of some sort, and I’ve been working in the beauty and fashion industry for some time. I never got the creative outlet I was looking for when I was doing hair and make-up in a salon and/or working on shoots. I loved what I did, but I felt like something was missing. Vlogging was the platform I was looking for to tie everything I was passionate about into one.

We totally understand Jade’s drive and reason behind wanting a creative outlet that married all her passions. Students from Bellus academy come from all walks of life, all with different goals and aspirations. It’s truly inspiring to see someone from Kansas take hold of her future and change her life to become so popular and influential.

Men and women around the world look up to social influencers like Jade, and many of our students aspire to be like her!. There are so many ugly things in the world, and the beauty community helps bring a little sparkle and shine into every day.

A Step in the Right Direction at Bellus

Does a living a life like Jade or other social media stars sound like fun? Do you want to run your own YouTube channel or become Insta-famous? At Bellus Academy we believe big dreams start here. With an education in cosmetology, makeup artistry or esthetics, you can learn the beauty skills to fuel your future in the spotlight. Do you think you have what it takes? Contact us today.

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