B.E. Creative: Week 2 Recap

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Week 2 Recap: Zoie McClouskey

We started the week with one of my favorite haircuts – the classic Firefly. We did make some changes to make it a little more modern and customizable. I actually do have a few guests I do a version of this cut on, and now I have new insight on how to approach it. I can’t wait to put it to action on a real person.

The next haircut we worked on, was yet again, another favorite of mine – the Fashion Mullet. Everyone always gasps or cringes when they hear the word “mullet,” with visions of Joe Dirt and Nascar dudes rolling through their head. But in reality, anyone that has short layers in the front that get longer toward the back has a mullet. I personally love a bit more of a dramatic, disconnected version. I love the super shaggy fun bits and pieces, so this haircut was a blast for me!

The end of the week was both awesome and challenging for me. Todd had us create our own cuts using some or all of the techniques we learned this week. Now making a haircut is something I do multiple times a day, every day. The challenge came in creating a head sheet for it. I see haircuts three-dimensionally. I see the hair as a fabric. Sitting down and mapping out the cut was more work than I thought it would be. I can section out the doll head quickly and know what it’s going to turn out like, but putting it on paper made my brain work!

The major highlight of my week was getting to have my haircut by Todd. I am always game for letting people do whatever they think I should have on my noggin! It was fun to get to know the thought process in his explanations for the demo, but also get to wear the hair.

In all, another fantastic week! I can’t wait to add color to the fabulous cuts we created this week!

Week 2 Recap: Nicole Greer

Going in to week 2, I was super excited. Having Todd Da Silva as an instructor for haircutting has made my life so much easier. I have taken multiple cutting classes post-Bellus Academy and have never been able to understand the technical side of cutting better than this B.E. Creative class. The amount of knowledge, patience and passion of the instructors at Bellus is unparalleled.

This week we learned one of the most technical haircuts there is. The haircut is called the Firefly and was originally done by a gentleman by the name of Christopher Brooker. It is also known as using the technique round graduation. The approach that we took in B.E. Creative made it seem like it was a completely different haircut than when I first learned it. And for the first time, I was extremely happy with my execution.

The second cut that we learned was the Mullet.  A lot of people get the wrong idea when they hear the word “mullet,” but when executed properly, this can actually be an extremely flattering and tasteful cut. We definitely learned how that line can be crossed or be avoided. This actually ended up being one of my favorite cuts.

This week rounded up the end of our four haircuts. We all faced small road blocks while trying to execute the cuts but were able to work through them with Todd behind us, mentoring us every step of the way. Now we are moving on to week 3 where we will be learning how to use color to properly accent the cuts and facial features and I couldn’t be more excited, considering I’m a total nerd for color!

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