7 Halloween Costumes Based on 2017 Makeup Trends

September 25, 2017

It’s our favorite time of year again! Halloween can be endless fun if you’ve got the time and are willing to exert the effort to create a phenomenal Halloween costume. We’ve got some creative ideas for your Halloween 2017, and they might not be what you were expecting…

This year has certainly seen its fair share of makeup trends. From mermaid glitter to squiggly eyebrows, we’ve come up with a few ways that you can use this year’s trends for your Halloween costume!

From Trend to Halloween Costume

Modern Medusa

One of the makeup trends we loved this year was the snake lips and eyes. People drew snakes that looked like they were wrapping around either the eyebrow or the lips. We think this look can spice up the classic Medusa to create a tantalizing image to draw in your prey!

Glam Tin Man

We’re sure you saw all of those makeup challenges on YouTube where artists would makeup their entire face using only highlighters. It created a glamorous, but very shiny, look that we think can really up your Tin Man game. Give it a try!

Under the Sea Sparkle

It’s time to sell your voice and tail to a sea-witch because this year’s mermaid trend really has us wanting to look this way every day. You can create your own crown and command the waves, or use a lot of sequins and glitter for a shimmery look to brighten your Halloween night!

Dewey River Nymph

One of the prettier trends this year was the shiny lips and eyes. Pair these with a flowy gown and some flowers in your hair and you’re ready to star in your own Greek myth!

Speed Bikes and Bright Lights

A little #NeonEyeliner just in time for spring!🌸✨ www.youtube.com/marissaemmaa

A post shared by Marissa Dattoli (@marissaemma) on

If you’re a little more into science fiction than mythology, give this neat trend a try. Line your eyes in different colors and pair with a bodysuit and a bike to create your perfect Tron-inspired costume!

Ethereal Brows

If you ever had a crush on Legolas as a child, we understand. Make your elf costume a little more ethereal and mythical by using this year’s weird trend of feather eyebrows.

A True Artist

One of the more difficult trends of the year has been art-lids. If you’ve got a knack for painting in tiny spaces, give your favorite artist a tribute by both dressing up like them and painting one of their most famous pieces on your eyelids!

The makeup industry is constantly changing, which creates many new makeup trends that we love to try. If you’re interested in learning how to apply makeup like a professional, give Bellus Academy a call at 888.990.7094 for more information.

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