Want to Combine Creativity with Craft? Consider Cosmetology and Barbering School

August 11, 2023

Do an easel and canvas make your heart sing? Do you love craftsmanship and working with precision tools? Are you fascinated by the possibility to transform the everyday into something exquisite? A career in cosmetology or barbering – or both – could be your path to personal and professional fulfillment! Checking out cosmetology and barbering school is a first step in a career that is all about applying art and precision techniques to transform others into their personal best.

Before you pick up the blow dryer or beard trimmer, take a good look in the career mirror! Consider what’s involved in a cosmetology or barbering career and how cosmetology can put you on a beautiful career track.

Step into Today’s Cosmetology and Barbering Schools

Today’s cosmetology and barbering schools are a far cry from the schools of yesterday. Sure, you’ll still learn how to set the perfect Marcel curl to create Hollywood glamour. But you’ll also learn about innovative products and technologies that bring science to the craft of beauty.

A barbering and cosmetology program may include participating in high-energy events, like barbering battles. This puts a spotlight on the precision and artistry of barbering as a craft. A cosmetology workshop experience at Bellus Academy – a leading beauty and wellness school – might involve participating in a master class. This is where an industry icon leads licensed pros in bringing emerging trends to their salons and barbershops.

A passion for art and craftsmanship are hallmarks of beauty pros. And these skills can be applied in a variety of careers ranging from barber and hairstylist to entrepreneur and educator. Below we look at some of the careers a barbering or cosmetology program can lead to:

Skills Inventory Checklist – Cosmetology and Barbering

Hairstylist – Art on a Global Scale

Today’s cosmetologists are artisans who work with hair to achieve their masterpiece. Unlike renaissance artists who painted in cathedrals or had to seek commissions, hair provides a global canvas for creating works of art, one person at a time. As artists, cosmetologists and barbers transform tresses into masterpieces. Hairdressing is a career that never gets stale as every client is a unique individual and trends are ever evolving.

Barbering – Beyond the Shave

Whereas a cosmetologist might be the Picasso of the beauty world, barbers are Michelangelo sculptors when it comes to shaping facial hair. Barbers sculpt beards and mustaches with distinct lines, transforming stubble and scruff into a statement. Sharp lines, effortless fades and transformative effects can all be achieved when the clip-master is in charge. When looking for a barbering and cosmetology school, ask about the guest artists who visit the school. Barbering is about community as much as craft. Opportunities to learn from master artists while still in school can curate contacts and open up networking opportunities after school is completed.

Combo Artist

Beauty and grooming are becoming ever more fluid as traditional gender walls are broken down. Many barbers and hairstylists are considering a “cosmetology and barbering school” program that will enable them to work as barbers or artists. The “lady barber” moment is gaining momentum across the industry as the men’s grooming sector continues to grow.

Beyond a passion for art and craftsmanship, there are some other signs that a career as a hairstylist or barber might be the right fit for you. Following are a few traits shared by cosmetologists and barbers:

People Persons

Do you love to be in conversation with others? Do you strike up a conversation in line, at a party or with the person sitting next to you on a plane. Cosmetologists and barbers love connecting with others. In fact, they often view themselves as confidantes, therapists, and personal coaches, cheering on their clients from behind the chair. The ability to build connections with clients is essential. If you’re a person who thrives on helping others transform their outlook – as well as their appearance – you may have found the ideal career in barbering or cosmetology.


Do you ever find yourself spotting fashion trends in Instagram feeds even before they’ve become mainstream trends?  Beauty salons and barber shops are the ultimate laboratories for those who not only track trends but invent the trends of tomorrow. And cosmetology can lead to working behind the scenes at fashion venues like New York Fashion Week.

Problem Solvers

The reality is, problems aren’t just for math class. If you’ve got a knack for troubleshooting, thinking on your feet, and bringing unconventional solutions to a puzzle cosmetology and barbering can use your skills. Cosmetologists and barbers come across a wide range of hair and skin types and each client comes with their own idea of what they want the stylist to achieve. When you step behind the chair, you’re charged with solving a puzzle and pulling together the look that will put a smile on the client’s face.

Lovers of Learning

Cosmetology and barbering aren’t just changing by the day. In a social media fueled world, they’re changing by the second! New techniques, products, technologies, and trends are emerging on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and countless blogs in real-time. Social media has made it easy for the classroom to come to your phone; and for that reason, hybrid learning is increasingly part of the barbering and cosmetology experience.

Earnings: Lazy girl or hustle culture?

Now for the question of income. Potential earnings can vary widely based on factors such as geography, the clientele served, level of experience and industry. And like all careers, “hustle” is part of the mix. Sure, cosmetology and barbering can be a “lazy girl” job, but it offers huge potential for those who are not afraid to lean into the hustle culture. Following are some career paths that can be especially lucrative.

Salon/Barbershop owner:

Running your own salon or barbershop means that the sky is the limit in terms of earnings. If you dream of running your own salon or barbershop, be sure to select a program that will cultivate your business acumen. For example, students at Bellus Academy learn about cultivating soft skills, financial literacy and building a book of business.

Platform artist/educator:

If you have a knack for helping others learn, becoming a platform artist or cosmetology/barbering educator can be lucrative. In this role you’ll conduct workshops, seminars, and video tutorials. You may present at industry trade show, brand events, salon workshops or beauty schools.

Style specialist:

The beauty and barbering industry are constantly evolving and some specialized services such as hair extensions, intricate braiding, and advanced color corrections command steep prices.

Luxury resorts and travel:

Who doesn’t like to be pampered when they go on vacation? High end spas, resorts and even cruise lines employ cosmetologists and barbers to tend to their guests’ grooming needs. And as luxury travelers tend to be upscale, salons and spas in these environments can charge a premium for the personalized, high-end beauty and grooming services they offer.

Medical spa services:

Advanced services like laser hair removal, microblading or cosmetic tattooing may require additional training beyond barbering or cosmetology school but can open up new revenue paths.

Product line developer:

Are you all about the formula? In recent years, men’s grooming lines have exploded with new products for hair, scalp, and skin. Additionally, many spas and salons are developing their own signature lines, including vegan, organic and natural products that appeal to today’s sustainability minded consumers. Barbering and cosmetology school is a great way to learn about a variety of products and meet the people who are involved in formulating, developing, and commercializing these products.

Would you like to learn more about possibilities in barbering and cosmetology and how today’s cosmetology and barbering schools are equipping students for careers in the industry? A call with a Bellus Academy career advisor can be the first step on a career that blends art, craft, and ever-evolving opportunity. And when it comes to financing beauty education, don’t overlook tuition scholarships that can help assist with the cost of education. Beauty Changes Lives is a non-profit that provides mentoring and tuition scholarships to equip and empower the next generation of cosmetology and barbering pros.

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